Daphne Oz Just Posted An Adorable Birthday Tribute For Her Daughter

In 2019, chef and former "The Chew" star Daphne Oz welcomed her fourth child with her husband John Jovanovic (via Distractify). During Oz's pregnancy, she hosted a gender reveal party on "The Dish" to announce that her child, later named Giovanna "Gigi" Ines Jovanovic, was a girl. The news was revealed as Oz cut into a lasagna to display layers of cheese that were dyed pink. "I have never yet seen a gender reveal done this way, for myself," she added. "But this is kind of a big deal — they put this ridiculous cheesy twist on lasagna. So inside this lasagna ... is either blue or pink cheesy layers," she said on "The Dish" (via YouTube).

A few days after Gigi's birth, Oz shared an updated family photo on Instagram. "Our hearts and hospital bed have never been so full," she wrote. Celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay commented on the post. "Congratulations sending lots of love to you all from the Ramsay's," Chef Ramsay said. Now, three years later, the little girl is celebrating a big birthday.

An Instagram montage celebrating Gigi

Daphne Oz posted several photos and videos to Instagram to celebrate her daughter's birthday. Her daughter, whose nickname is Gigi, turned three years old on Sunday, August 14. The first photo shows Gigi and her mom posing with a birthday cake, while several other slides feature family photos and adorable shots of the little girl. Oz also posted a few videos that she encouraged viewers to listen to with the sound turned up.

Alongside the photos was a sweet caption that read, "Happy 3rd birthday to The Duchess, Gigi!!! You are pure sweetness, up for any adventure, clocking every single thing going on, such a classic baby sister and yet somehow leader of the pack, waking up every morning with so much joy you can't wait to share, and fighting to stop bedtime from ever coming because who would want to stop this party?? We love you so much, gee-joe!!!"

Of course, the comment section is filled with hundreds of birthday wishes and celebratory emojis. Hopefully, Gigi had the best birthday ever with her mom cooking one of her favorite family meals.