33 Popular Iced Tea Brands, Ranked Worst To Best

While China is credited with first discovering tea as far back as 2737 B.C., it was the United States that popularized the cold, iced version. Tea had been around in the States since the colonial years, but back then it was often mixed with liquor (via NPR). But to make it iced, people needed ice, of course. Back then, ice was only available to the wealthy and it was hard to come by in the sweltering Southern states until the 19th century. 

For some time, iced tea had only been available to the elite, but by 1904, thanks to the scorching summer weather at the World's Fair in St. Louis, it quickly came into high demand across the country. By Prohibition-era, punchy iced teas became a well sought-after replacement for alcohol. When more tea plantations started popping up all over the world, the price of tea leaves plummeted, thus making it even more affordable for everyone. As of 2020, up to 80% of the tea drunk in the U.S. is iced, per the Tea Association of the U.S.A.

With so many bottled, powdered, and bagged options out there, it can be overwhelming to try and navigate through them all, so we've compiled a list to help you sort through the worst to the best iced tea brands.

33. Turner's Premium

Turner's Dairy has been a staple in western Pennsylvania grocery markets since 1930, due in part to their three-dozen farms in the surrounding area. In 1972, they began producing bottled iced tea and it became the choice-refreshment of the local, hardworking steel mill laborers. These days, Turner's takes pride in being the favorite tea in the city of Pittsburgh, even marketing with the social media tag #FueledByTurners so that "yinzers" (Pittsburghese lingo for ultra-proud residents of the Steel City) can show off their love for the iconic beverage. But that's where the popularity ends. It's really not "a thing" elsewhere in the U.S.

Turner's Premium Iced Tea is high in calories due to its excessive sugar content and questionable additives (via Fooducate). One serving (1 cup), nets 90 calories and 22 grams of sugar. It contains controversial ingredients such as BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), which is a synthetic additive used to preserve the shelf life of food. According to the FDA, this substance, while generally safe, could still be a carcinogen. Sodium benzoate/benzoic acid is also included, another possible cancer-causing substance.

32. Marketside

Marketside is one of dozens of brands owned by retail behemoth Walmart (via Business Insider). This brand boasts "fresh" food products that can be found in the bakery, deli, and other departments inside their stores. Products include prepared sandwiches, soups, salad mixes,  pizzas, and drinks, such as lemonade and iced tea. However, as with several other foods you should never buy at Walmart, the Marketside iced sweet tea is a hard pass.

According to Walmart, it's loaded with 110 calories per 12 fluid ounce serving and 28 grams of sugar — that's nearly five teaspoons! It also contains artificial caramel coloring, which can be a detriment to health, per Livestrong. Reviews of this iced sweet tea on Walmart's website are mainly negative. Reviewer franika gives it a one star rating and claims that the tea "tastes like it has dirt in the water." Another review, by Eners, warns other consumers not to buy Marketside tea as it "has a strong metallic taste." Perhaps not all Marketside products deserve the "fresh" label.

31. Country Time

Country Time, a brand currently owned by Kraft Foods Inc., is most prominently known for their powdered lemonade drink mixes. Their colorful, unique barrel container is eye-catching on any grocery store shelf. However, it seems like their lemonade has out-shadowed their iced tea mix, but is it for a good reason?

Prepared with water, their sweet tea is 130 calories per 12-ounce serving, with a whopping 33 grams of sugar and 30 milligrams of sodium (via the Country Time label). Reviews on the Walmart website average a 3.3 out of 5-star rating with the main complaint being that it has a weird "floral taste." A consumer named Mother6 writes they will not purchase this iced tea brand again, even though they have liked Country Time's lemonade flavors.

30. Kirkland Signature

Costco Wholesale is a land of wonder and amazement for its many members with thousands of products ranging from food, home goods, electronics, cleaning supplies, and much, much more. Their exclusive store brand, Kirkland Signature, features numerous food products including drink options like milk, water, and lemonade. They currently have very limited iced tea options under their house label such as the bottled Kirkland Signature Diet Green Tea with citrus, a powdered mix, and green tea bags.

The powdered iced tea mix is a Canadian import, but the 6.6 pound canister are available for Americans to purchase from Amazon (albeit, with an inflated price tag). The nutritional label lists 90 calories and 21 grams of sugar per serving, which is not terrible. As for the diet green tea with citrus, it suffers from an off-putting chemical taste. We suggest sticking with the Kirkland Signature Green Tea Bags which include a blend of sencha and matcha, and are sourced from popular Japanese brand Ito En (more on them later). 

29. Swiss Premium

Swiss Premium is a subsidiary of Dean Foods, a nationally recognized brand that's been known for their quality dairy products since 1925. They also own  DairyPure and TruMoo, but their small, regional brand of iced tea has been beloved across Pennsylvania for 90 years.

It's tough to ignore the massive 1-gallon plastic bottles in the refrigerator section, but it might be easier to pass them up. An 8-ounce serving of Sweetened Lemon Iced Tea contains 100 calories and 23 grams of sugar, per the product's label. Just a few reviews on Walmart's website give the beverage a perfect 5-star rating, but it's worth taking into consideration all that added sugar when it comes to something simple like iced tea.

28. Brisk

Brisk is a beverage-exclusive brand that is owned by Pepsi/Lipton. The majority of their prepared drinks are iced tea and Brisk is not shy when it comes to developing unique flavors like Strawberry Melon, Blackberry Splash, and an iced tea/watermelon lemonade combination. They have something for most tastes in their entire lineup. Their regular lemon flavored iced tea is a classic and is produced in various sizes, from 12 fluid ounce cans to 2 liter bottles.

According to the Brisk website, a 12-ounce serving size includes 70 calories and 17 grams of sugar. However, it's the massive 150 grams of sodium that raises eyebrows, along with the high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients list. While Brisk might be attractive with all of their different flavors, it's not exactly the healthiest.

27. Turkey Hill

No, Turkey Hill does not produce deli meats or your traditional Thanksgiving bird; they began as a dairy manufacturer 90 years ago in Pennsylvania. But beyond milk and ice cream, they also offer non-dairy bottled drinks like iced tea. Their lineup is standard but includes a few interesting flavors such as orange tea and light peach white tea.

While it's tempting to twist open a bottle of Turkey Hill's classic iced tea with lemon, it's worth noticing the nutritional facts.  A 12-ounce serving contains 120 calories and 30 grams of sugar (via Turkey Hill). And yes, that's just for the regular tea. If you're interested in their orange tea (it does sound delicious), according to Turkey Hill it contains 36 grams of sugar per serving. Both also contain high fructose corn syrup. It might be best to save this brand's drinks for a hot, summer afternoon.

26. 4C

4C Foods Corp. prides themselves on being a family run business for over 85 years. Their products focus on instant drink mixes, but include other kitchen staples like bread crumbs, grated cheese, and water enhancers. Their array of drink mixes is extensive, with sizes ranging from individual "mix stix" to large, multi-serving containers. Their iced tea flavors include raspberry, peach, green, decaf, and lemon.

The lemon iced tea mix, when prepared with water, contains 22 grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving, with a 100 calorie sacrifice of your daily 2,000 (via 4C). Those pesky artificial food colorings are also present. While 4C earn positive marks on consumer websites such as Amazon, it does have its detractors. One reviewer, Roger Lis, reports that the powder mix "does not dissolve completely" and leaves a sugary residue behind. Aaron S complains about a "chemical aftertaste." 

25. Gold Peak

Gold Peak is a brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company that strives to provide "real brewed tea" to its customers (via their website). Their products are exclusively iced tea and nothing else, but Gold Peak has a decent variety of flavors ranging from basic unsweetened, to lightly sweet, and even extra sweet.

As one can assume, an unsweetened tea is the healthiest option, but what about all those other flavors? Gold Peak has stellar reviews from Walmart consumers, but unfortunately it might not be a great choice if you're watching your sugar intake. Gold Peak holds true to their promise of real brewed tea, as the ingredients list includes filtered water and black tea leaves. However, their Extra Sweet Tea, per the brand, has a shocking 68 grams of sugar in an 18.5-ounce bottle. Even the Slightly Sweet Tea, according to Gold Peak, comes in at 24 grams of sugar for the full bottle.

24. Straight Up Tea

Straight Up Tea is a brand owned by Snapple, another major iced tea manufacturer. This one is available at dozens of nationwide stores, like Walmart and Target. They produce three varieties of bottled iced tea: Unsweetened, Sorta Sweet, and Sweet. That is where the variety of Straight Up Tea ends. The brand boasts "all natural" ingredients, meaning that they don't use any artificial sweeteners.

The Sorta Sweet flavor nets 22 grams of sugar per serving, but some reviewers on Amazon report that it's not sweet enough, even with all that sugar. Another reviewer gives it a "thumbs down," claiming a lack of any sweetness. If sweeter is what you're looking for, the Sweet variety will come with a cost of 45 grams of sugar. 

23. Lipton

Lipton has been a cherished brand in the United States since the 1960s, although their overall history dates back nearly 100 years prior. They began producing bottled iced tea in 1991, and it's been a favorite around the world ever since. These days, fans of the brand are able to purchase Lipton iced tea in bottles, powdered mixes, K-Cups, and tea bags. Their website lists nearly 40 different iced tea products. Feeling overwhelmed yet?

The standard black tea with lemon powdered mix, when prepared, is just 70 calories and 16 grams of sugar per serving (via Smart Label). However, it's a sad thing to note that their bottled, lemon flavored iced tea contains high fructose corn syrup and 180 milligrams of sodium per 16.9 fluid ounce serving (via the product's label). We wonder if Kermit knows what's in his tea.

22. Fuze Tea

Yet another brand that is owned by The Coca-Cola Company, Fuze Tea is in the exclusive business of producing bottled drinks. They have fun, fruity-flavored green teas such as Watermelon + Lime and Pineapple + Mango. However, there's currently only two flavors of iced black tea available: Lemon + Sweet Tea and Blueberry + Lemonade.

According to the company, a 12-ounce serving of Lemon + Sweet Tea has 80 calories, 22 grams of sugar, and 115 milligrams of sodium, which is not exactly the healthiest choice when it comes to bottled iced tea. And you might have already guessed it, but Fuze teas all contain high fructose corn syrup, which makes them a bit less desirable.

21. Good & Gather

Target's store brand Good & Gather carries a wide range of grocery items that range from fresh to frozen, meats to dairy, and snacks to beverages. There is something for everyone to find within the brand. When it comes to tea, however, Good & Gather carries only one iced tea option, in the form of cold brew tea bags.

Currently, for just over $2 at Target, shoppers can buy a box of 22 cold brew tea bags, and each tea bag makes 1 quart when prepared with water.  With favorable reviews, Good & Gather is a decent middle-of-the-road option, and a good bet when your preferred choices are out of stock. Perhaps if the brand offered more options, it would be higher on this list. 

20. Teavana

Teavana is all about strong values and commitment to quality ingredients in the hopes of creating a sustainable world for everyone. They've been in business since 1997, are owned by Starbucks, and source only premium tea for use in their products. While they have a nice variety of flavorful tea sachets for hot brewing, their iced tea selection is limited.

Just two flavors are currently available at Starbucks in the United States — Sparkling Unsweetened Peach Nectarine Green Tea and Mango Black Tea, which offers 22 grams of sugar per serving. According to Starbucks, additional flavors of Teavana iced tea have previously been available at the coffee chain and grocery stores across the country. Unless flavored teas are your thing, you may want to look for other options.

19. Snapple

Snapple is a recognizable name brand across the globe and their selection of beverage flavors is seemingly endless (okay, more like dozens). They certainly provide more variety than their subsidiary, Straight Up Tea, which automatically ranks them a bit higher. They have fruity iced tea flavors like peach, lemon, and raspberry, as well as diet varieties and juice drinks such as fruit punch, mango, and apple.

For their regular lemon flavored iced tea, you'll drink up 36 grams of sugar and 150 calories in 16 fluid ounces, per Snapple. While the variety is all there and the ingredients are all natural, some consumers are unhappy with Snapple's switch to plastic bottles from their iconic glass ones. Not only did fans lose the enjoyment of the pop-up metal cap and fun facts printed underneath, they lost a taste that used to be great. One reviewer on their website, Lucy5355, claims that they cannot drink the tea due to a harsh change in taste because of the plastic bottle. While we can't confirm whether the container switch actually affected the flavor of the beverage, a 3.6 out of 5-star rating puts the tea in the middle of the pack.  

18. Zevia

Never heard of Zevia? You have now! Here to save you from the overwhelming storm of sugary drinks, this brand has committed themselves to providing organic, zero sugar drinks to the market. They are naturally sweetened with real extracts, and no caramel colorings. Apart from iced tea, they also have energy drinks, sodas, sparkling waters, and more.

Their iced black tea with lemon stays true to having absolutely no sugar or fake coloring in its ingredients. Reviews on their website are positive, with consumer Dave F. calling it a "good thirst quencher" and a reviewer named Jon explaining that it's "a nice balance of lemon and sweetness without being overly sweet." Zevia is limited in their lineup of tea flavors, but overall they're a pretty good brand.

17. Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is synonymous with quality frozen foods, unique seasonal items, and affordable pantry staples, to name a few of their specialty goodies. The chain's wide variety of food products includes an entire section devoted to shelf-stable bottled beverages like sparkling waters, juice, and, of course, some iced tea.

A 12-ounce serving of their sweet tea will cost 100 calories and 25 grams of cane sugar (via Fooducate), which is not too bad compared to the competition. Trader Joe's Kettle Brewed Unsweetened Black Tea is a better bet. However, that's not where the TJ's lineup of iced teas ends. They offer plain, unsweetened matcha green tea and golden oolong tea in cans and bottles, respectively. They have two cold brew teas and even a line of sparkling tea beverages for when you need a fizzy fix. Their Sparkling Black Tea is flavored with real peach juice for a fruity kick, and as per the label, contains only 2 grams of sugar. But with so many unique foods to discover among the aisles at Trader Joe's, perhaps their iced tea selection doesn't exactly stand out. 

16. AriZona

Probably one of the most recognizable labels inside of any convenience store cooler is the tall, vibrant cans and bottles of AriZona drinks. They've been in business since 1992, and have produced a massive variety of flavors over the years — mango, strawberry, raspberry, grape, peach, and many more.

That includes several iced tea options, including a version of the half-tea, half-lemonade concoction dubbed "Arnold Palmer" (yes, the famous American golfer). According to AriZona, a 16.9 fluid ounce bottle contains 180 calories and 44 grams of sugar, but it's pure cane sugar and no fake stuff. If you want to opt for something healthier, grab a big can of their diet green tea that has just 5 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and is made with real green tea, honey, and ginseng root extract (via AriZona).

15. Peace Tea

Peace Tea, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola company, is another iced tea-exclusive brand that provides consumers with fruity flavors and sweet, positive messages. They have a nice range of flavors such as Razzleberry, Just Peachy, Pineapple Groove Zer-oh Sugar, and more. Their teas are made with all natural ingredients, and no additives or fake colors.

A 12-ounce serving is 80 calories and 20 grams of sugar. Reviews for Peace Tea on Amazon are highly favorable — Frank Scarpine writes that the peach flavor is like "drinking pure peach juice" despite all the sugar. Another reviewer, RetroJake, is a "recent convert" who ditched another brand for Peace Tea "100% and won't be turning back!"

14. Sweet Leaf

Sweet Leaf is an iced tea-exclusive company from Austin, Texas that is currently owned by Purity Organic. Yes — their bottled teas are 100% organic. Take your pick from their Mint & Honey flavor to peach, Texas Honey, unsweetened, and others.

According to Purity Organic, their Original Sweet Tea is made with "slow brewed black tea" and is USDA Organic and Kosher certified. It has 110 calories and 27 grams of sugar for a 16-ounce bottle. They receive high praise across social media, including an endorsement from Instagram user @santifuentes who comments that this tea is "by far my FAVORITE tea in the world" and claims that it's "refreshing when chilled!" Sweet Leaf is, by far, a nice choice for a bottled, organic tea.

13. Bai

A company that is well known and well loved for providing quality, antioxidant-infused beverages, Bai is a superstar when it comes to a commitment to a better future. Their product lineup is extensive with flavorful waters, sparkling waters, lemonades, and a line of iced teas, which is named "Supertea."

All of their bottled teas contain only 1 gram of sugar and zero artificial ingredients, per the company. Whether you're in the mood for their Nariño Peach Tea or Rio Raspberry Tea, you will be pleased with the sweet, refreshing taste of real tea without all the added sugar. A review by consumer LDeimos left on their website notes that the Rio Raspberry Tea is "refreshing and sweet (but not too sweet)" and that it "tastes authentic." It's true — you can't go wrong with the authentic ingredients found in Bai's teas.

12. Tejava

Tejava is a company is dedicated to producing delicious, high quality iced tea. Currently, their products are available in bottles and Keurig Pods, which can be prepared hot or iced. Their Original Black Iced Tea and Peach Iced Tea are two of their most celebrated flavors, according to the wealth of positive reviews on their website.

Consumer Tracey LaMonica claims it's the "best black iced tea on the market." Another reviewer, Carl Roberts, agrees, writing that other name brands are "weak in comparison" and that Tejava is "robust and refreshing." Meanwhile, reviews for the peach tea are also quite positive, with many saying it's their favorite flavor. Tejava proves that you don't need any added sugar to craft a tasty iced tea.

11. Crystal Light

Lemonade might be the first drink you recognize from Crystal Light, but their iced tea mixes are sure to follow closely. While they have a bit of a controversial history with artificial ingredients, they've since switched to using the natural sweetener Stevia, which makes each iced tea either low or zero calorie. Size options range from individual packets for water bottles to pitcher-size mix packets for the whole family.

Crystal Light's lemon flavored iced tea mix is extremely popular on Amazon with a current 4.8 out of 5-star rating. Reviewer Kiki claims that this mix is a "fantastic substitute" to other brands that use too much sugar and have excess calories. While MandM notes that "it isn't a bold tea taste"  and recommends adding less water when preparing. Crystal Light definitely is a better, and more popular, substitute for other sugary and fake iced teas.

10. Steaz

When it comes to healthy, antioxidant teas, Steaz is a perfect brand to try. Committed to "a new brew of tea," Steaz excels at creating quality, organic products with real ingredients for their consumers. They sell different types of tea, which include a full inventory of green teas, and yerba mate in both regular and sparkling varieties.

Their Lightly Sweetened Iced Green Tea in peach flavor has roaring reviews on Amazon (where they're labeled as a Climate Pledge Friendly company) with a current 4.6 out of 5-star rating. Consumer TJ is not a fan of overly sweet iced teas, which makes Steaz "perfect" for them. Another review, by J Mitrevski, asserts that other peach teas are "way too sweet" and have a "fake peach" taste, but Steaz offers "just the perfect balance."

9. Tazo

No list of iced teas would be complete without Tazo. The company now belongs to Unilever after it was sold by Starbucks in 2017 (via USA Today). They are an ethical company that pledges a commitment to combating climate change and upholding human rights activism throughout the world.

Their product list is impressive with diverse options ranging from K-Cups to bottles and tea concentrate mixes. Even more remarkable is the selection of flavors that will appeal to any taste, such as Berryblossom White tea and an Unsweetened Iced Zen Tea Mix. A website review by abuff0916 appreciates the easy convenience of having an unsweetened yet flavorful iced tea mix so that they can control the sugar content, and that it can be made into either individual servings or by the pitcher. Tazo iced tea mixes are a go-to for those who desire the same control over their iced tea, while still getting a rounded flavor of natural tea.

8. Milo's

Milo's has been a family-run business since 1946 when they started out as a fast food hamburger chain. Soon enough, their iced sweet tea became a customer-favorite and they began to sell it on its own. They are currently a women-owned company that focuses on providing high quality products without any added junk, and it has proven to be a staple iced tea for many.

You can buy their iced teas in several varieties including the Famous Sweet Tea, zero calorie, unsweetened, decaffeinated, and a few more. According to Milo's, ingredients in the sweet tea are as follows: "filtered water, pure cane sugar, and fresh brewed tea." That's it! No colorings, no preservatives. It holds a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Walmart with reviews raving over the authentic Southern taste and appreciation for Milo's simple and natural ingredients.

7. True Lemon

The True Citrus brand produces drink mix products that are just that — true. The ingredients they use are all natural, sodium free, and absent of any fake sweeteners, preservatives, and colors. This company also takes pride in helping their communities through charitable programs that include Feeding America and Girls on the Run.

While they're most recognized for their flavorful lemonade mixes, they have iced tea options and more. Their lemon and peach iced teas are only available in single serve packets for water bottles, but that doesn't halt their popularity. The lemon flavor has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on the product website with reviews loving the "great taste" and appreciation for the lack of weird additives. True Citrus brand might just be an unexpected true-iced tea competitor.

6. Honest Tea

Honest Tea is a brand that you have probably heard of and have some semblance of what they're about besides making quality bottled drinks. They're a brand that's committed to a healthier world through their organic ingredients, environmentally-friendly packaging, and being certified Fair Trade (via Honest Tea). The company was built on the desires of founders Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff to create a "less sweet, but flavorful beverage."

They have many delectable flavors from Honey Green Tea to Mango White Tea, and even one called Green Dragon Tea. There's also a lineup of herbal iced teas. They're a popular seller on Amazon, with thousands of positive reviews. One Amazon review notes that Honest's Lori Lemon Tea "has a perfect ratio" of sweetness to tea. Debbie Lee Wesselmann agrees that it's just the right amount of sweetness and prefers this brand "for a burst of flavor." Honestly, Honest Tea is one of the brands best for you.

5. Ito En

Say hello to Japan's top green tea brand, Ito En. You've likely seen their decorative green bottles for the Oi Ocha green tea in your local grocery store, and that's because of their soaring popularity around the world. Because green tea has been a cherished product of Japan for centuries (via Pendulum Magazine), Ito En strives to keep their tea quality top-notch to preserve every one of its health benefits, like Vitamin C.

Their Amazon sales page for the unsweetened green tea includes over 9,000 reviews and 86% are 5-star ratings. Consumer Alcibiades has high praise for this iced tea that's "completely different from American brands that are too sweet or weirdly acidic tasting." Joe regards Ito En as "the best green tea beverage available on the planet" and adds that it "brings you a sense of refreshment." So if you want a delicious, bold green iced tea, Ito En is the one to drink.

4. Harney & Sons

If you venture to the Harney & Sons website, you may be a bit overwhelmed by their plentiful selection. But don't be, because no matter which one you choose, it's bound to be clean, high quality, and delicious. Plus, you'll be supporting a company who in turn supports the globe by giving to various non-profit organizations (via Harney & Sons). They produce teas in almost every form, from bottled to bagged to loose leaf.

Their Fresh Brew Iced Teas are quite popular and come in a number of succulent flavors like black currant, blood orange, indigo punch, passion fruit. According to the company, their Plain Black (Classic Black) contains only organic Chinese black tea leaves, and that's it. Reviews on the website are near-perfect with a 4.9 out of 5-star rating. Consumer June B. claims it's "crystal clear, fragrant, smooth, and very delicious and refreshing." For those looking for a no-fuss, organic, aromatic iced tea, think of Harney & Sons.

3. Pure Leaf

Curious what's the top selling bottled iced tea on Amazon? It's Pure Leaf, specifically, their unsweetened black tea, although they produce other flavors like raspberry, herbals, and cold brews at a varying degree of sweetness levels. Pure Leaf tea is "real brewed" and does not contain any artificial ingredients or fake sweeteners. While their lemon flavor contains 41 grams of sugar (via Pure Leaf), don't worry because they have an unsweetened version.

As we mentioned, Pure Leaf is a sensation on Amazon, with over 16,000 reviews for the brand's black tea. As consumer Traiby puts it, "Pure Leaf Teas are pure joy" and hails them for not being a "mix or reconstituted like other brands." Yes, Pure Leaf earns a spot near the top of this ranking since you're getting that real brewed tea without having to think twice about any additional junk.

2. Teas' Tea

Teas' Tea is part of the Ito En company, but this brand stands on its own. They have several flavors of organic unsweetened and slightly sweetened bottled iced teas, as well as a trio of Ice-Steeped Cold Brew teas. Their sweet flavors come in a lovely peach ginger black tea and a mango yuzu green tea for a fruity, refreshing spin. Each one is just 80 calories and 20 grams of organic cane sugar. If you prefer unsweetened iced tea, there's no shortage of traditional flavors such as jasmine, mint, and lemongrass, to name a few.

Amazon customer G R had been in search of a "quality unsweetened BLACK tea that actually tastes like tea" when they found Teas' Tea. They claim it's "a game changer" among other bottled iced teas out there. It's easy to see why—organic tea and natural ingredients for a bold, refreshing taste, and in so many delicious flavors, what's not to love about that?

1. Luzianne

If you're going to drink iced sweet tea, it might as well be Southern, and the Luzianne brand is the best of the best. Since 1932, they've been making iced tea that's "one of the nation's most popular" due to its authentic ingredients and taste. Per the company, their pre-made iced teas are available in several classic varieties such as sweet and unsweet, as well as fun flavors like peach and green tea with watermelon.

Amazon customer kindleblur gives it a perfect 5-star rating for its "nice medium bold almost smoky flavor" and calls it a "winner." S. Aron offers similarly high praise for this bottled iced tea, and is particularly impressed that is "made from real fresh tea leaves and real sugar" unlike other popular brands. So, whether you go for their classic Southern sweet tea or unsweetened, Luzianne is the quality, authentic iced tea that is definitely a winner among all others.