What Makes Garth Brooks' New Nashville Bar So Unique

Even though no one seems to know where the term originated from, a lot of the bars in the Lower Broadway area of Nashville are considered a "honky-tonk," (via The Tennessean). According to Oxford Languages, a honky-tonk is "a cheap or disreputable bar, club, or dance hall, typically where country music is played." Since country music is the genre of choice at these bars, several famous country singers own honky-tonks in the area. According to Nashville Guru, Miranda Lambert owns the first female artist bar/restaurant on Broadway, Casa Rosa. Writers for Taste of Country did a one-night tour of the celebrity-owned bars/restaurants, and they were impressed by the drinks at Blake Shelton's bar, Ole Red, and felt that the food at Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop exceeded expectations.

Not only is it fun to order a drink named after your favorite country song and ogle at the memorabilia at one of these establishments, but they are all pretty close together, so you can easily hop from one to another. Garth Brooks will soon be adding another stop to the celebrity honky-tonk bar crawl, and there is one feature of the Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk that sets it apart from the rest.

Garth Brooks' Nashville bar will house a Metro Nashville Police Department substation

Garth Brooks is far from the first country star to open a bar on Lower Broadway in Nashville, but he is making history as the first celebrity bar to house a police substation. It's no secret that Broadway is one of the busiest areas of Nashville, so the substation will help alleviate traffic congestion and add more security to the area (via Nashville.gov). Brooks is paying for the substation out of his own pocket and it will be located in the alleyway next to the honky-tonk at 411 Broadway.

According to CMT, the Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk is three stories and 40,000 square feet, with plenty of room to dance and listen to country music. "It's a classic honky-tonk," Brooks told CMT. "It's what I grew up in. It's a bar along one wall, a bar along the other wall, and the rest is just space to dance or whatever you want to do." The exact opening date for Brooks' bar is unknown, but according to its website and Instagram, they are "opening soon," which is pretty vague.