Dutch Bros' Summer Menu Just Got An Unexpected New Drink

Restaurant Business reported that brands keep making our favorite fall flavors available sooner and sooner — so much so it seems easy to forget we're still in the midst of summer. Aside from the article noting that 7-Eleven blasted open pumpkin season with its August 5 release of fall-themed coffees, several other companies have launched fall-influenced treats this month. But while Cracker Barrel has been busy announcing its fall desserts and Halo Top has been preoccupied with its returning fall ice cream flavor, Dutch Bros has been taking a stand.

The brand has seemed to have had enough of companies rushing towards autumn. Because, according to a press release, Dutch Bros has just added another drink to its menu. And no, it has nothing to do with the return of one of its 2021 fall flavors, Caramel Pumpkin Brûlée Breve or Cinnamon Swirl Oat Milk Latte (via Dutch Bros), but is an all-new energy drink based on an unexpected classic summer dessert.

The Blended Orangesicle Rebel is a twist on a beloved summer treat

Dutch Bros has been known to dip its toes into the sweeter side of coffee with drinks like its Cookie Dough Cold Brew. But the company has typically kept to more fruity flavors, like Peach, for its Rebel Energy drink lineup. Until now. According to the press release, Dutch Bros' Blended Orangesicle Rebel is composed of "orange and vanilla flavors" and a "Soft Top." The unprecedented candy-like drink seems to take inspiration from another melt-in-your-mouth summer favorite — the orange and vanilla-infused creamsicle (per Good Humor).

When Dutch bros took to Instagram to announce the release of the Blended Orangesicle Rebel, the post featured a phrase that seem to be the drink's rallying cry, "Summer isn't over yet." Fans appeared to be pleased by Dutch Bro's wish to make the most of the season and are already leaving ecstatic reviews of the new and surprising energy drink in the comment section. One user posted, "ITS SO GOOOOOODDD." Another wrote, "just tried this for the first time yesterday!! it was sooo good, and it's definitely worth it."

The Blended Orangesicle Rebel, as noted by the press release, is not seasonal and will be available for the remainder of the year. But if you're set on trying out Dutch Bro's ice-cream-inspired treat to celebrate summer, also be sure to try your luck at finding Ben & Jerry's limited-time Cherry Crumble summer ice cream flavor.