The Starbucks Coffee Drink That TikTok Can't Get Behind

Nothing feels more euphoric for Starbucks customers than when they learn about a brand new drink coming to the menu. Fans of the chain coffee shop are usually ecstatic to buy new featured drinks, and typically more than willing to try anything and everything Starbucks releases. But many fans of the fun and flavorful drinks are a little up in arms at the new trend Starbucks has hopped on this summer.

The drink is made up of two separate beverages that you usually don't see together on a menu and it's raising the eyebrows of people all over TikTok. The idea of the drink has been around this summer but this is the first time we have seen commentary about it at Starbucks. While new drinks at the chain typically have fans running to stores and lining up outside, the new summer coffee drink has customers stopping in their tracks and asking what Starbucks is trying to do to them.

Lemonade and cold brew don't mix

People on TikTok are freaking out over the new cold brew with lemonade drink that is being featured at Starbucks across the country. The drink came into fame when TikToker @kayli.cernan, who is a barista at Starbucks, posted a video of herself discovering the drink. She can be seen in the video preparing the drink for herself to try, with multiple cuts to the barista unsure about the odd drink, making faces that seem to be of disgust. In the end, she takes a sip of it and seems to gag and almost throw up at the flavors of the cold brew and lemonade mixed together. She captioned the video "new featured drink...... immediately no."

Since the TikTok was posted on August 1st, the comments section has been blowing up with similar sentiments from people taken aback at the eccentric coffee drink. One commenter wrote "It was traumatizing to try" while another was surprised yet interested in the drink. @sydneymotto wrote "this cannot be real... but how did it taste i'm curious" to which the creator of the TikTok answered "like i just threw up in my mouth." It's safe to say people were very turned away from the idea of lemonade and cold brew mixed together.

Fans try to make it better

There were some coffee fans that were trying to make the situation better, but it didn't get very far. Some people in the comments of the video were trying to offer some solutions to make the drink a little less like throw-up and a little more flavorful and fun, but people were still coming to the realization that this may just be a bad coffee drink. One TikToker who has a similar drink at their work wrote "at my job we have this already but we add mashed berries to it and I've been told it tastes like tea..." Sadly, though, they also wrote that they hated it, even with the berries.

Commentor @j.jae_ wrote it tastes good with raspberry syrup, but Kay was not persuaded. @totalmegm0ve tried pointing out that "a spritz of lemon in iced coffee is a game changer" but then said "half lemonade in a cold brew is a felony."

So it seems this situation is a lose-lose for Starbucks. Even with certain solutions, the overall idea of lemonade in their classic cold brew is not likely to get the attention of their customers, unless it's the negative kind. All in all, this drink does not look like it will have many customers lining up outside. Maybe it's just time Starbucks starts introducing their Fall flavors.