Geoffrey Zakarian's Secret Hack For Scrambled Eggs

Geoffrey Zakarian is a talented chef with two successful restaurants under his belt. He appears on Food Network's "Chopped," "The Kitchen," and "Big Restaurant Bet." The man is a fierce cook and is always happy to spread his vast culinary knowledge to his fans through short videos he posts on his Instagram. On his social media, Zakarian often shares simple tips and tricks to help everyday home cooks get dinner on the table. In 2022, he launched a separate Instagram account, called Zakarian Kitchen, where he offers up product recommendations, recipes, and more from his eponymous product line.

Even though Zakarian is a renowned chef, most of his hacks and cooking pointers are simple and straightforward. His tip for making perfect scrambled eggs is also something every home cook can do. Zakarian believes eggs should be a staple in everyone's breakfast arsenal. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to properly cook scrambled eggs, and the results often look like a brown, overcooked mess. Zakarian recently told fans his trick to avoiding a scrambled egg disaster.

Butter makes a better scrambled egg

Geoffrey Zakarian took to Instagram with his young son George for a father-son cooking tutorial. Fans were quick to comment on George's budding culinary skills, with one commenter writing, "Love it Father/son moments in the kitchen. Another Chef in the [making]."

In his video, Zakarian shows followers how to make "delicious scrambled eggs" and shares a few hacks to ensure the scrambled eggs have a soft curd. His first hack is to add a slab of butter to the pan before the eggs are added to help ensure the egg does not become hard. Zakarian heats the butter over medium-low heat, allowing it to melt before adding his eggs.

Once the eggs are added, Zakarian and his son slowly move the eggs around using a rubber spatula. Zakarian adds cold truffle butter to the warm pan of eggs. As the eggs are cooking and forming small curds, he lowers the heat to ensure the eggs will not get brown or hard. Once the eggs are nice and creamy, Zakarian adds a pinch of salt to finish the dish. The addition of salt ensures the final product is well-seasoned and delicious (per Cooks Illustrated).