The Real Reason The Kitchen Is Successful, According To Host Geoffrey Zakarian

What's the real reason The Kitchen is successful, according to host Geoffrey Zakarian? In recent years, cooking shows have had somewhat of a revolution. From competition shows like Chopped and MasterChef to talk shows like The Chew and The Kitchen, people love learning about the language of food on television. To that end, The Hollywood Reporter recently cooked up an entire article about culinary TV's rise in popularity and the "hunger" viewers have for more. But despite the endless longing for more cooking programs, some shows have endured longer than others, The Kitchen being one of them.

For those unfamiliar, The Kitchen is a food talk/cooking show that features a mix of popular and famous chefs and cooks: Zakarian, Jeff Mauro, Sunny Anderson, and Katie Lee. While the focus is on the food, with chefs sharing their favorite recipes and traditions in the kitchen, the show's stars also gab about anything and everything. It seems like a fun concept in theory, but it's arguably also a recipe for something that could get really old really quickly. So what's the secret recipe to making The Kitchen such a success that it's somehow endured for 25 seasons and counting?

GZ weighs in

Zakarian, one of the hosts of The Kitchen, is best known for his winning personality and 30-year career as a prominent and respected figure in the world of the culinary arts. He owns a variety of restaurants around the globe and is an "accomplished chef, host, and culinary consultant." As a co-host of The Kitchen, Zakarian spoke to Distractify about what he believes is the winning formula, noting that they owe it all to chemistry. "Everyone has something to add to the pot, and that's why the show works," he explained. "We all just really respect each other."

It's shocking what a little love and tenderness can get you — evidently a culinary TV show spanning several decades. Who knows what would have happened if someone had declined their offer and the cast differed by even one person? When the chemistry is so off the charts, you feel like you're being welcomed into a private club and just can't wait to learn and listen to more. Here's hoping the love keeps coming so they can churn out even more fun with food on The Kitchen!