The Vegan Treats That Are Always On Lizzo's Grocery List

Rapper and flutist Lizzo went vegan in 2020 and has been sharing her plant-based journey on TikTok ever since (via Green Matters). The singer has shared countless videos where she experiments with meat alternatives like jackfruit or her own homemade walnut "meat" (via Shape). In October 2020, the singer made a video to celebrate six months of veganism and reflect on her journey (via Totally Vegan Buzz). In the video, she first shows herself making a doughnut milkshake at the beginning of the pandemic and then a vegan protein shake now, but the most important aspect of the video is that she does not shame her former self.

"I don't think I should be rewarded for eating 'good' as much as I don't think I should be shamed for eating 'bad,'" Lizzo said in a TikTok video (via Green Matters) "I think that we eliminate the words good and bad with eating altogether." Lizzo's videos have done wonders for making veganism more accessible and body positivity, and now she's helping others start their own plant-based journey by sharing some of her go-to vegan treats from her grocery list.

You can now shop like Lizzo on Instacart

In order to stick to a vegan diet, Lizzo had to eliminate one of her favorite snacks from her diet: Hot Cheetos (via VegNews). She shared on TikTok that she has been able to fulfill that craving by combining Takis (rolled corn tortilla chips) and vegan cheese sauce. Since this combo is the singer's new go-to snack, you know that Takis are always on her shopping list. Those who have been drooling over the "Juice" singer's TikTok for the past few years will be excited to hear that you can now shop for the singer's favorite products on Instacart.

This partnership is part of Instacart's "The World Is Your Cart" initiative, where celebrities, retailers, and content creators can curate their own shopping lists. Lizzo's curated cart includes a few of her favorite vegan snacks like Uncrustables, Oreos, Takis, Skittles, and dairy-free ice cream (which she used to offset the spice on Hot Ones) from Ben & Jerry's. Instacart added in a press release that some of the items on the list can be delivered to your door in as little as an hour, so you won't be saying "It's about damn time," when your groceries arrive.