What Lizzo Really Eats In A Day

Gracing us with a summer anthem, 'About Damn Time,' the three-time Grammy winner, Lizzo, has had a busy year. Outside of her incredible musical success and social media presence, she has ventured into fashion and launched a size-inclusive shapewear line, Yitty (via The New York Times). 

Moreover, her "About Damn Time" dance has been all over TikTok with over 2 million videos using the song. Lizzo herself has become a TikTok sensation, however, this is not only for her hit songs. She has also started (and contributed to) many food trends and viral videos. Per Buzzfeed, Lizzo has been vegan since early 2020 and is super vocal about her food choices. She will often share recipes and food reviews on her TikTok account, letting us know what she's currently loving to eat.

The star made waves in #foodtok when she posted a video of her version of "Nature's Cereal." Kicking off one of the most viral trends of 2021, Lizzo has continued to share her favorite foods on her TikTok account, especially her vegan recipes.

Lizzo makes a 'Good as Hell' salad

One of Lizzo's go-to meals is salads. Easy to whip up and versatile, she has multiple videos, like this one, of her vegan BLT salad. Not only is she the creator of food trends, but Lizzo also likes to test out viral recipes and the once trending green goddess salad haunted Lizzo until she tried it.

A lot of the Grammy winner's salads consist of random ingredients she has at home. Lizzo loves balancing green veggies with a vegan protein of choice to make a hearty meal. And while hundreds of thousands of fans view her salad videos, no doubt in an attempt to recreate them, Lizzo's unexpected salad dressing of choice has some people confused.

When replicating a Lizzo salad, the key is to be adventurous with your toppings. She sticks with a similar base of greens, carrots, and tomatoes but makes the salad a hearty meal by adding whatever else she feels like that day. One ingredient Lizzo always has on hand for her salads is pickles.

Lizzo enjoys green juices and smoothies

Beyond salads, Lizzo also prioritizes getting in her greens in liquid form. In her latest "What I eat in a day" video, Lizzo started the morning off with a spirulina and wheatgrass juice. Later in the afternoon, she had a green smoothie while on the road. She's a fan of liquids and sneaks in green juices and smoothies throughout the day in addition to her solid meals.

Spirulina is a unique green powder that the singer uses to supplement added nutrients into her daily routine. According to Healthline, Spirulina is a superfood that's high in nutrients like protein, vitamin B, copper, and iron. Nutrient-dense and high in anti-oxidants, the blue-green algae of Lizzo's choice helps ensure a well-rounded diet. Like spirulina, wheatgrass is also high in nutrients and antioxidants (via Medical News Today). With two superfoods in one green juice the star is loading up on nutrients, proteins, and anti-inflammatories.

Lizzo takes vegan comfort foods to a new level

When a comfort food craving hits, Lizzo is a pro at taking classic recipes and making them vegan-friendly. Browsing through her TikTok account, it's easy to find videos of delicious-looking plant-based recipes by the celeb, one of which is a vegan steak and eggs breakfast. She walks us through her substitutions, like vegan filet mignon, JUST Egg, and vegan butter. Once plated up, Lizzo doesn't forget the ketchup.

Her chicken Alfredo looks just as creamy and decadent as the original and it's hard to believe it's vegan. The superstar makes it completely out of dairy-free and vegan alternatives like tofu, cashews, and vegan chicken. Dropping recipe after recipe on her TikTok, Lizzo's cooking skills and creativity would make for a great celebrity cooking show. However, for the music mogul to have time to add a cooking show to her resume is unlikely anytime soon as she heads out on tour this September (via Billboard).

Lizzo loves Mexican-style spicy snacks

Lizzo revealed in a TikTok that her favorite snack of all time is Hot Cheetos, but since going vegan, she hasn't been able to have them. Although, she does enjoy snacking on another spicy chip — Takis. Lizzo posted a video of the fiery-red chips covered in a gooey cheese sauce. In true chef fashion, she didn't just go out and buy a vegan cheese sauce to top her bowl of Takis. Instead, the "Juice" singer made a sauce using Japanese yams as the base from scratch. The gooey sauce includes a lot of well-balanced ingredients like onions, tofu, garlic, nutritional yeast, and an assortment of vegan cheeses. To give the spicy snack even more of a kick, she adds a few dabs of Habanero hot sauce. The celeb doesn't always make a homemade cheese sauce for her Takis. In a video giving her "TikTok observations," she was snacking on Takis minus the cheese sauce.

A Texas girl at heart, it's no surprise that she enjoys classic Mexican-style snacks. Spicy snacks are a Lizzo staple and as the summer has ramped up, so have her recipes. She shared on TikTok a quick and easy snack bowl with refreshing fruit and a Vero Mango paleta, all covered in Tajín. Lizzo is a fan of the classic Mexican seasoning and says that Tajín sprinkled on watermelon is one of her favorite ways she loves to eat the fruit.

Lizzo's vegan takes on fast food

It's no surprise that Lizzo lives a busy life. Having just released her fourth studio album, "Special," this month (via Billboard), the Grammy winner is busy promoting her new music so she doesn't always have time to cook homemade meals. But just because she needs to eat on the go doesn't mean she stops eating vegan. Having sampled a wide variety of vegan street foods and take-out, per one of her TikToks, it's clear Lizzo likes to keep it diverse.

The Los Angeles vegan McDonald's dupe restaurant, Mr. Charlie's, has gone viral for their vegan take on fast food (per Los Angeles Times). The restaurant got Lizzo's stamp of approval, saying that the "McDonald's salt" flavor was there on the fries. Following the Yitty owner on social media reveals that she loves a lot of different kinds of food — salty, sweet, and spicy. According to Women's Health, Lizzo went vegan in 2020. Since then, she has been experimenting with vegan alternatives even when on the go, like the McDonald's dupe.

Lizzo is on the hunt for a delicious plantain sandwich

Recently, Lizzo has been begging the internet to give up their plantain sandwich secrets. After seeing a few TikToks of the sweet carb-based sandwiches, she needed to know where she could get a taste of one. It has turned into a saga with Lizzo duetting videos of delicious-looking plantain sandwiches voicing her need for one. Lizzo came across the Instagram @celebsonsandwiches and in one video, found that they drew her on a plantain sandwich back in 2019. Could it be fate that Lizzo and the plantain sandwich were destined to cross paths?

While in New York City recently, she filmed her first taste of the sandwich. After the long search, it was a bit of a letdown. She contributes the disappointment to her having to take off all the ingredients except for the beans and veggies to make it vegan friendly. But we predict more plantains in her future as she's still on the hunt for a delicious vegan-friendly sandwich.