Twitter Is Raining Hearts On Trisha Yearwood's National Dog Day Pic

These days, most pet-owning chefs are more than happy to share their puppy (or other animal) love with their fans. It's gotten to the point where the mere mention of a pet's name instantly recalls their celeb-chef owner. For instance, Bobby Flay's cats are a known part of the chef's story, and many recognize Nacho and his compatriots as a constant means to relate to one of their favorite chefs. Until recently, the same was so true of Martha Stewart's cat, Princess Peony, who was mourned by Stewart and her fans alike.

And dogs are even more prevalent in the chef world. Alton Brown's relationship with his dog, Scabigail, is so strong it inspired his New Year's resolution and movement to fight pet obesity. And many can't watch Rachael Ray without associating Ray with her departed but deeply beloved Isaboo, or her newest pup, Bella Boo. So on National Dog Day, one can usually expect a pretty solid slew of pics and posts from chefs and their pets, and Trisha Yearwood did not disappoint.

Trisha Yearwood's dogs, 'the 3 musketeers'

Trisha Yearwood is not shy about flaunting all of her adorable pups. Best known for her two OG dogs, Emmy and Millie, Yearwood is a big supporter of pet adoption. According to CMT, in 2021, Yearwood even expanded her own "retail empire" to include a pet collection with the help of some testing from her dogs. And according to her Facebook account, just two weeks ago, she and her husband Garth Brooks adopted yet another dog they've decided to call Mack.

So on National Dog Day, she was sure to capture a sweet moment between the three most important besties in her life as they enjoyed some time outdoors. Yearwood tweeted a sweet tribute to "the 3 musketeers" on Twitter, and fans were loving the sweet post. Some chimed in by wishing her a "Happy Doggie Day!" right back, like @tehya67 and @jerseygirls79, who also posted their own pup pics. Others merely chimed in on how adorable and happy the dogs looked, like @skmunch74, who noted, "They are all so cute!" and @RitaKaye14, who mentioned how they all looked like they were "Living their best life! 😍" Either way, fans agreed; these are some delightful dogs!