Martha Stewart Just Lost Her Beloved Cat In A Shocking Way

Pets bring joy, purpose, and unconditional love to the lives of millions of people. They get us up in the morning (who needs an alarm clock?) to eat and play outside in the sun, rain, and snow — and their daily exercise benefits us humans, too. They also hog couches and even beds, but that closeness only creates a bond that warms our bodies and hearts.

As such, the loss of a cherished pet and their deeply felt companionship can be difficult for anyone to process — and celebrities are no exception.

Media mogul and pet lover Martha Stewart revealed on Sunday that she is mourning the death of one of her cats, "the beautiful and unusual” Princess Peony (per a post on her Instagram). Over the years, the TV personality has often spoken and written about the joys of owning cats and the importance of keeping them clean, well groomed, and regularly bathed, via Martha Up Close and Personal, so we can only imagine how she must be grieving right now.

Martha Stewart's cat was killed after an unfortunate attack

Martha Stewart shared an Instagram post that shows three men preparing a burial spot for Princess Peony, presumably on her large property, and she shared the very unfortunate story of her passing. "The four dogs mistook her for an interloper and killed her defenseless little self,” Stewart explained in the post. "I will miss her very badly. RIP beauty.” In a separate Instagram post, Stewart shared a portrait of a well-groomed, fluffy white cat with brown and black facial markings, saying, "This was the Princess Peony.”

Many commenters on Instagram showered Stewart with crying emojis and their condolences. Others weren't so kind, however. Said one person, "Your dogs killed your cat? How in the world could that happen? Poor kitty.” Another added, "She does not deserve sympathy after leaving a defenseless cat alone with a pack of dogs.”

Take a scroll through Stewart's social media, websites, and blogs and it is quite evident she adores animals. Stewart has shared her homes with many pets over the years, including dogs, donkeys, peacocks, pigeons, chickens, and horses — pretty much all creatures great and small (per

During the pandemic stay-at-home pause on her Bedford, New York farm, Stewart really got to spend quality time with her three cats (per Blackie takes care of varmints and lives in the conservatory greenhouse, while Princess Peony and her sister Empress Tang are calico Persian cats who have had the run of the main house.

Stewart once shared a photo of Princess Peony lounging in a marble urn. From all appearances, she lived a fabulous life while was still part of the family.