How You Can Score One Of Wingstop's Brand-New Chicken Sandwiches For Free

The chicken sandwich wars, that mania that has been sweeping fast food chains across the nation to see who could make the best chicken sandwich since 2019, has saturated the market with dozens of the so-called "best" chicken sandwiches out there. These largely include the same ingredients of bun, crispy chicken breast, and pickles, with little variation across different restaurants' recipes. Wingstop says its entry into the sandwich wars, however, just might bring something new to the "world of boring breaded sandwiches with only plain or spicy to choose from" (via PR Newswire).

Aside from its namesake wings, the Texas-based chain has recently expanded into serving up other parts of the chickens. In 2021, Wingstop delved into selling chicken thighs when the cost of chicken wings rose more than 300% (via CNN). And this year, perhaps eager to catch up with competitors like KFC and Popeyes, the brand developed an entirely new menu item, announcing that the Wingstop chicken sandwich will be available nationwide in September. To ring in the launch, the chain will give tens of thousands of customers a sandwich for free.

Wingstop wants you to renounce other chicken sandwiches

According to a company press release, Wingstop's chicken sandwich stands out in that there isn't just one version, but a dozen. Like the chain's wings, you can request for your chicken filet to be tossed in your choice of sauce, ranging from lemon pepper and barbecue to garlic Parmesan and spicy Korean style. While the menu item seems to follow the standard formula for the mainstream chicken sandwich with bun and pickles, the inclusion of sauces does allow for some new customization for the consumer. In fact, Wingstop is so confident in its sandwiches that it's willing to give 100,000 of them out for free — provided you "split" with your old chicken sandwich chain.

Wingstop says it will give free sandwiches to the first 100,000 people willing to make their "breakup" with their old chain official. This involves going to Wingstop's Chicken Sandwich Split website and signing a "breakup letter" in exchange for a code for a free sandwich. People who want out of their relationship with McDonald's or Chick-fil-A, for whatever reason, must sign the letter before September 5 to save their $5.49.

Other than this announcement from Wingstop, the chicken sandwich battlefield has been pretty quiet in the later half of 2022 — which could be because of the finger food that's replacing the chicken sandwich wars. Could Wingstop's sandwich be the year's last major entry to the competition?