Here's When Wingstop's Chicken Sandwich Will Be Available Nationwide

Day-to-day life during the pandemic has changed in so many ways that most of us have lost count. One noticeable area that was altered is consumer eating habits — especially when it comes to chowing down on chicken wings. According to the Washington Post, Americans went through a lot of wings early on in the pandemic. The news outlet reported that for well-known fast casual chicken restaurant, Wingstop, the second quarter of 2020 saw a 31.9% rise in sales over the same quarter of the previous year. Unfortunately for Wingstop and other restaurants that sling baskets of wings, chicken wing sales haven't been as prolific this year for a variety of reasons.

To combat lower sales, Wingstop is employing a number of strategies. According to QSR Magazine, a couple ways Wingstop is looking to reach more customers is by increasing they amount it spends on advertising in the second half of the year and by adding Uber Eats as an additional delivery option for customers. Another, exciting way that Wingstop is trying to improve sales is by switching up the menu, which is exactly where the chicken sandwich comes in. After giving the chicken sandwich a test run, Wingstop is ready to introduce the new sandwich at all its locations.

Wingstop's Chicken Sandwich is going nationwide in early September

Some customers will have a hard decision to make when ordering one of Wingstop's new chicken sandwiches this fall. According to QSR Magazine, the sandwich is made with a crispy chicken breast that is offered in all eleven of the chain's classic wing flavors. Those flavors range from their sweetest flavor, Hawaiian, to their hottest sauce, Atomic, and everything in between like Louisiana Rub and Mango Habenero (via Wingstop). The sandwich also comes with pickles and is served on a toasted bun.

As QSR Magazine points out, customers were able to test the sandwich at over 60 Wingstop locations, and Wingstop CEO Michael Skipworth said the customer feedback from those tests was "extremely encouraging." Over on Youtube, taste-testers on "The Endorsement" tried out the new sandwich with the Spicy Korean Q sauce and found the end result to be "really good" and "so different from the others out there." An Instagrammer @comedycreation also had a go at the sandwich, this time in the garlic parmesan sauce, and wrote, "This chicken sandwich is absolutely delicious!" For those diners who will be selecting the new chicken sandwich from Wingstop's menu this September, QSR reports Wingstop has set the price at $5.49 for the sandwich or at $7.99 for a combo meal including the sandwich, fries, a drink, and a dip.