Meshawn Lloyd

University Of Cincinnati
Recipe Roundups, Ingredient Expert, Pastry, And Bread
  • Meshawn is a Digital Content Strategist for
  • She's previously written for websites like Whirlpool, Arteza, Frontgate, Totes-Isotoner, and Grandin Road.
  • She's also managed social media accounts for various brands, and is quick at translating content for any audience.


You name it, Meshawn has written it. She's a stickler for style guides and has even created a few. She makes sure content is empathetic, inclusive, and accessible, and has the Associated Press style guide memorized like the periodic table. She prides herself on being able to sniff out the right voice and tone for any audience from a mile away. At Mashed, Meshawn loves marrying her endless knowledge on (and passion for) all things food with her 15 years of writing experience.


Meshawn has bachelor's and master's degrees in English and Professional Writing and Editing from the University of Cincinnati, the home of chili and spaghetti, WKRP, and Pete Rose.
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