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Charleston, SC And Glasgow, Scotland
The University Of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland.
Food-Centric Travel, Sustainable Kitchen Hacks, Budget Friendly Recipes
  • Morgan has visited 19 countries so far and has cooked local dishes in nearly all of them.
  • She hosted four consecutive American Thanksgiving dinners for her friends in Scotland — each averaging 20 guests and teaching her how to throw a dinner party on a student budget without sacrificing flavor.
  • She is now keenly interested in eco-friendly food prep and loves learning new ways to reduce food waste at home, as well as how to grow or forage new ingredients.


Morgan has been cooking since she could reach the stove via footstool, and her first food feat was perfecting scrambled eggs. She's branched out since then and is now intrigued by the role that a country's cuisine plays in its culture. She favors studying dishes that revolve around communal preparation and eating experiences. Morgan has written for a variety of industries over her career. She first discovered her passion for writing through student journalism in high school, where she worked as a reporter and eventually as the associate editor-in-chief for the Tribal Tribune. She then moved to Scotland to pursue her degree while writing for and editing a variety of publications in Glasgow, including The Glasgow Guardian, the G-You Magazine, and Groundings academic journal. During this time, Morgan also began writing professionally as an SEO copywriter for a Clinical Research Organization. She fell in love with working remotely and the flexibility it gave her to travel extensively, discovering new cultures and foods along the way. After graduating, she began searching for writing jobs that would tie into her newfound enthusiasm for travel and amazing food, joining Static Media as a features writer for Mashed in early 2024.


Morgan has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Glasgow.
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