Fish Sticks Make Seafood Taco Night A Breeze

Eating fish sticks is a popular dinner option for many American households, bringing convenience and a high dose of protein to busy weeknights. While great on their own, fish sticks can also make for a fast and easy ingredient for an impromptu seafood taco night or for when you just want a simpler approach to fish tacos.

As delicious and endlessly customizable as fish tacos are, even the fastest fish taco recipe typically requires spending a considerable amount of time and money when finding a fresh fillet of your favorite fish. As seafood can be quite pricey and may not be readily available everywhere, opting for fish sticks instead is a more affordable and accessible route for many.

Plus, the long shelf life of frozen fish sticks makes this a great swap for busy families who don't have the time for midweek grocery runs to get fresh ingredients. It also makes this swap even easier for those cooking for just one or two people, since you can make exactly the number of fish sticks needed for your seafood tacos and keep the rest frozen without preparing (and potentially wasting) a larger portion of fresh fish.

Getting the most out of fish stick tacos

When making this swap, there are a couple of things to keep in mind that will ensure the easiest (and tastiest) fish tacos possible. First, choose fish stick brands (which we've ranked from best to worst) that hold their shape well once cooked, as this will result in a less messy taco that won't fall apart when you add your sauces and toppings.

Pop your fish sticks into the oven while you get started on preparing the other fillings. For the easiest fish tacos, use a premade slaw mix with colorful chopped cabbage to reduce prep time. You can also choose a premade sauce for even lower-effort fish tacos that still taste amazing. Opt for a cool lime-cilantro dressing, and add a kick with sriracha mayo or your household's favorite hot sauce if you find the tacos to be too bland.

Finally, since fish sticks are breaded and get ultra-crispy when baked or fried, this substitute is an exciting opportunity to experiment with new taco fillings that will complement that crunchy texture. Consider pickled toppings that bring an added crunch while also infusing additional flavor. If quick and easy is your goal, you can choose premade pickled red onions (though they are really simple to make at home).