Instagram Is Divided On Crumbl Cookies' 'Minion' Lineup

While Crumbl Cookies might have been started by "two crazy cousins," that quest to make the world's best chocolate chip cookie might have made them sweet geniuses. Over the years, the popular dessert chain has garnered legions of fans. From the classic cookie flavors to limited-time baked goods, people cannot get enough of these delectable delights. Whether it's the brand's uber-popular TikTok account that makes people salivate or just the appeal to a nostalgic food trend, each cookie drop has people running to get that first bite.

The latest special flavor offering is inspired by the adorable Minions. It appears that this collaboration stems from the "Minions: The Rise of Gru" film being released on DVD. When the movie was in theaters earlier this year, brands like IHOP offered Minion-inspired food items.

Although Kevin and his friends might not be wreaking havoc in the kitchen, their favorite flavors have influenced the cookies. Beyond going bonkers for bananas, the Minions-inspired cookies include four new flavors: Dirt Cake Ft. Otto, Minion Confetti, Mooncake, and Yellow Sugar. You'll also find two classic flavors, Banana Cream Pie and Milk Chocolate Chip. Although these cookies mix up cute visuals with the sweet confections, fan reaction has not been a slam dunk. Still, it may not be quite as divisive as Dr. Nefario's fart gun.

Which minion inspired cookie has left Crumbl Cookies' fans disappointed?

After the huge disappointment of the pink frosted cookie leaving the permanent menu, Crumbl Cookies' fans have been longing for a new flavor to make their hearts go aflutter once again. Even if those Minions tend to bring a little mischief to the box, one fan on Instagram thinks the idea is a little stale. For example, one user said "You're a little late to the club. You should have put this out around July 1st but cute concept." Other comments observed that the flavors were a little "too vanilla" for their preferences.

On the other hand, many people are dancing their way to the local cookie shop for that pink box. Whether they were dreaming of a special flavor or just cannot get enough Minion-inspired food, these cookies have people talking. From praising the uniqueness of the moon cake cookie, which celebrates the mid-autumn festival, to the appeal of the banana cream pie option, a few people are ready to drop everything to purchase a few cookies before the flavors become a sweet memory. One user even wrote, "Crumbl you have my bank account this week."

Even if Otto may not be as popular as Kevin, the special Minion collaboration is making a splash. Just do not let an evil genius steal the opportunity to get a taste before they are gone.