Crumbl Just Took A Weekly Cookie Flavor Off The Menu And Instagram Is Divided

While Crumbl Cookies started with a quest to make the best chocolate chip cookie, the popular franchise cookie company has built its loyal following on ensuring the best tasting cookies arrive in that pink box. Crumbl became popular suddenly, and although the rotating weekly menu excites customers, some classic treats like chocolate chip are always available (via Crumbl Cookies). Unfortunately, one cookie is saying farewell on April 23, but the reaction to this news has some people crying and others saying that's how the cookie crumbles. 

According to the company's Instagram post, the Classic Pink Sugar Cookie will be leaving the menu. The reasoning is to make room for five weekly speciality flavors. With so many cookies that have been featured, various people want to have more options in that pink box. Still, Crumbl understands that many people want to enjoy one last taste and has created a helpline to assist people with their reactions to this news. Actually, it even described how to freeze a few cookies to ensure that there is some sweet deliciousness for an entire month. It might not be quite hiding those another annually sold cookies in the back of the freezer, but this solution should tide people over. And, the Pink Sugar Cookie will return at some point. Just like an old friend, reconnecting after a time away can be even sweeter.

Crumbl Pink Sugar Cookie, tickled pink or too sweet for words

When Crumbl Cookies announced that the Pink Sugar Cookie was leaving the rotation of its popular cookies, the reaction on Instagram was both sad and ecstatic. Since change always elicits reactions, the comments got to the point. From one fan saying that she was "crying tears of sugar cookie sadness" to another user sharing, "This is the worst news I've received in a long time," many people are upset that their favorite iced dessert is taking a hiatus. Luckily, the company's special support line, 1-833-505-PINK, has affirming words, memories from fans, and ways to keep that sugar spirit going forward.

On the other hand, other people are happy to see the Pink Sugar Cookie being kicked out of the box. For example, one Instagrammer said, "Thank goodness make room for better cookies now yay!!!" That sentiment of removing an old favorite took on another slant, too. Some people would have liked to see chocolate chip getting booted from the box. In the end, this decision cannot appease everyone. Just like people shouldn't cry over spilled milk, a change to the Crumbl Cookie menu isn't the end of the world.