TikTok Can't Get Enough Of Aldi's German Week Selection

There's almost always some buzz on social media about products from Aldi, especially since it's still a top shop for groceries even while inflation rages on. There are even items at Aldi that are better than name brands, according to some shoppers, and one of TikTok's favorite Aldi-brand snacks is the chocolate peanut butter cups. The video platform is full of recommendations for what to buy at Aldi. One recent video from @aldiallthetime lists all the products released for the grocer's "German Week," and people are pumped to see some of their favorite snacks return.

Aldi, which was founded by two German brothers, typically celebrates German Week twice a year — once in April or May and again in September or October, per Aisle of Shame. Aldi shoppers were excited about this past spring's German Week offerings, which included apple strudel and Deutsche Küche beer mustard.

This week's TikTok post from @aldiallthetime shows more than 30 of the German-themed items now available at Aldi, from pretzels and potato sticks to pork schnitzel, spaetzle, various cookies, and more. Plenty of products aren't even shown in the video; as one person pointed out in the comments section, shoppers can also stock up on typical German delights like apples and red cabbage. Wondering where to start? TikTok users have advice.

TikTok especially loves the German Week desserts

People seem to be particularly jazzed about all the sweets currently on Aldi's shelves for German Week. "Raspberry jaffas for the win," one person commented on @aldiallthetime's video about the chain's cake-like cookies, while another wrote, "The Black Forest cake in the freezer section is my favorite part of German week." Several shouted out the store's doppel keks, which are sandwich cookies with a cocoa cream filling, with one calling them "the best cookies that Aldi sells." 

There's plenty of hype around some savory items as well. One Aldi customer said, "I loveeeee the herring. I was literally just thinking about it the other day!" Others had high praise for the pretzels and pickles, and one struggled to spell out their love for the "mushroom shahslghahfkqvd," AKA mushroom schupfnudeln (Alsace-style gnocchi).

With users raving about so many items, it may be difficult to choose which ones to purchase. That's presumably why one person wrote, "I pretty much blacked out in Aldi this afternoon and came home with a pile from the German aisle." With enough freezer and cabinet space, you could stock up until the next German Week. And if you ever find yourself at Aldi in Germany, you can have a look at the store's American Week food items, which may or may not reflect what you actually have in your pantry.