The Aldi Food That's Better Than Name Brands, According To TikTok

If brand loyalty were a competitive sport, Aldi shoppers might win first place. It seems like everyone who shops there consistently has their favorite Aldi-brand items that lure them back to the popular grocery chain over and over.

An Aldi shopping trip is a somewhat predictable experience. You'll need to pay a quarter for your shopping cart, bring your own bags, and have an eye for the best prices and new finds that crop up frequently. According to the grocer's website, much of the food sold at this major grocery store is an Aldi-exclusive brand, so don't expect to find too many items that you might see on other grocery store shelves. TikTok is rife with videos of Aldi shoppers pointing out their favorite items. The copious Aldi hauls include products that range from diced, frozen avocado chunks to pasture-raised eggs. Shoppers have a range of inexpensive, albeit often random, choices with which they can fill their carts and cabinets.

The best chocolates at Aldi according to one TikToker

TikTok posted by @aldiallthetime points out one Aldi shopper's favorite chocolate sweet treats. The poster argues that these chocolates are of higher quality and taste better than their name-brand counterparts, possibly because they're imported from Europe. They single out Peanut Butter Cups, Sea Salt Caramels, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Moser Roth Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Covered Blueberry Acai, and Chocolate Covered Pomegranate. The video also highlights a few name-brand candy bars just in case someone feels that "they're too good for Aldi Chocolate," as the poster said. 

Commenters on this video agreed wholeheartedly that when it comes down to the retailer that sells the best chocolate, Aldi wins the prize. "Aldi chocolate is superior," wrote one person. "Aldi's chocolate is ultimately superior to any other grocery store," echoed another commenter. Finally, one viewer couldn't get enough of one specific item pointed out in the original TikTok and said, "The PB cups are addictive."