Twitter Is Raining Hearts On Alton Brown's Dogs

While Alton Brown may be a wizard in the kitchen and a creative genius on both sides of the camera, he can also be a pretty controversial figure. He's had his fair share of celebrity chef feuds, including the time he famously blasted Adam Richman of "Man vs. Food" over what he saw as the show's inclination toward food waste, and he even had some harsh things to say about the late Anthony Bourdain. A pre-election Twitter rant in 2020 may have had fans wondering about the chef's mental health, and quite a few were turned off when Brown revealed that his politics tilted more to the right than the left.

Even when he stays in his own lane as a food world celeb, Brown still manages to rub people the wrong way, expressing such polarizing views as the fact that a hot dog is, in fact, a sandwich, whereas a green maraschino cherry is ... maybe not even a food at all (or at least not one with any particular reason to exist). He's also been known to put ketchup on steak, so even his food guru credentials are sometimes questionable.

If there's one entirely uncontroversial opinion Brown holds, though, it's that he obviously thinks dogs are wonderful. Last Christmas he shared an adorable video clip of his beloved Boston Terrier Scabigail seemingly absorbed in a classic holiday special, but Brown's recent tweet is twice as sweet because it features double the dogs.

Brown's fans give his tweet two paws up

In Alton Brown's recent tweet, captioned simply "Just because," there are two perfectly pawsome puppers: the beautiful blue-eyed Scabigail, and her equally cute baby brother Guillermo. According to a late August Instagram post, Guillermo, who appears to be an Italian greyhound, joined the Brown household about a month ago after being adopted from Atlanta's Fur Kids shelter.

Needless to say, all of Brown's Twitter fans are absolutely enchanted. Many have responded by sharing pics of their own fur kids (even a few cats), with one person saying "I'll see you and raise you 16" (although we could only count eight in the photo). Another observes of the two new doggie siblings, "Looks like they are happy together," while someone else jokes that "they look like the 'Abbott & Costello' of the dog world." The Twitter user who best speaks for all of us, however, simply tells Brown "They are beautiful I just love dogs thanks for sharing." After all, Brown's dogs obviously don't give a poop about his politics or even his worst recipes like overly complicated lasagna, so as long as he keeps sharing pics of his lovable rescue pooches, we can find it in our hearts to forgive him for just about anything as well.