What Happened To Potato Parcel After Shark Tank?

Choosing a memorable gift for a special birthday, wedding, or just because can be difficult. Putting aside the impersonal gift card or bouquet of flowers, some gift givers want to make a lasting impression without sending a singing telegram. Potato Parcel looked to fill that void and it has sprouted a business that continues to grow. According to Heavy, the brand germinated from a Reddit post about a potato with stamps sent in the mail. Long before viral TikTok food trends smashed the viewership marks, a funny gift was born. 

When the potato gift with a personalized message appeared on "Shark Tank," the message was simple. As seen on YouTube, the brand asked for $50,000 for a 10% stake in the company. The hope was that the investment seed would sprout into a great business venture. Although two grown men dressed as potatoes with a simple message to invest in the product might be the least elaborate pitch, the concept did take root. Sometimes the gag food gift is the one that people remember long after the confetti is swept away.

What is Potato Parcel?

Gag gifts and unusual products can be big business. As Potato Parcel founder Riad Behkit told CNBC, "I'm running a wacky business, but it's nothing to be ashamed of."

For those unfamiliar, Potato Parcel is a gifting service. When users upload an image or saying to the website, the brand places that sticker image on a potato and mails it to the recipient. The brand does not specify if it has limitations on the images which can be uploaded, but it will not tolerate threatening or harassing messages. In addition, the spectacular spud can be sent anonymously buy gift givers who might fear that some would rather smash the starchy message to smithereens.

Available on the brand's website, the company sells potatoes, gift bundles, and other spud-related gifts. While prices vary, the actual potato gifts start around $20 with various shipping methods. From the person who wants to "yam" it up to those who aren't spudding around, the silliness of shipping a personalized potato gift is the one that keeps on giving.

Did Potato Parcel get a Shark Tank deal?

While some "Shark Tank" products get washed out to sea and other goods become household names, scoring that "Shark Tank" deal is never as easy as it seems. Beyond capturing the sharks' attention and proving the potential profitability, the product needs to fill a void and the people behind the business need to be rooted in the concept's success. For Potato Parcel, "Shark Tank" Season 8 Episode 6 grew into a financial boom.

According to Shark Tank Recap, the brand scored a deal with Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary. With a $50,000 investment, 10% equity exchange, and $1 royalty until the $150,000 is paid back, the capital influx seems to have reaped great rewards. It appears that the company has sent over 70,000 gifts and made over $700,000 in profit. While the idea might have been considered the dumbest gifting idea ever, as reported by WFAA, the reality is that humor resonated with people and Potato Parcel is laughing all the way to the bank.

Did an NBA prank give Potato Parcel a popularity boost?

As many companies have learned, appearing on "Shark Tank" can reap monetary rewards whether or not you secure a deal. From increased sales to name recognition, the few minutes of fame may turn into business profit infamy.

While Potato Parcel received a deal from Kevin O'Leary, the episode had Mark Cuban rebuking the idea of the special spuds. In creative marketing 101, Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki received a personalized potato in celebration of his 30,000 points scored in 2017 per USA Today. Although Cuban might have called the original business idea "stupid on a stick," it seems that the anonymous gift got everyone talking. ESPN reported that many sports figures and celebrities received these gifts. The positive response sparked people's interest in the wonderful present received in the mail. Cuban might not have had an eye on this investment, but creative gifting and social media sharing gave it some big growth.

Where does Potato Parcel rank in Kevin O'Leary's investments?

"Shark Tank" has been full of both successes and failures. Some brands, like Tipsy Elves or Squatty Potty, have become legendary for their humorous take on simple products. The personalized potato gifts sold by Potato Parcel continue to sprout success. Kevin O'Leary's minimal investment has reaped big rewards.

Kevin O'Leary tends to offer blunt feedback to the aspiring business people who enter the tank. The Canadian businessman might not be known for his nice side but he told The New York Times that honest feedback could help some people avoid losing copious amounts of money. Potato Parcel ranks among his other investments from the show including Wicked Good Cupcakes, BenjiLock, and Lovepop, per StartUp Mindset. It is interesting that Lovepop cards are part of Potato Parcel gift bundles (via Potato Parcel). The truth O'Leary tells in the "Shark Tank" might be tough love, but it earned Potato Parcel a rich foundation from which to grow.