Padma Lakshmi Reveals The Biggest Struggle Of Being A Food Personality

Being a food celebrity seems like a pretty swanky job. Some of the most notable names in food television, like Andrew Zimmern, have gotten to travel the world, tasting foods and meeting people they might never have had the chance to in another career field. Some, like Tom Colicchio, get to celebrate their 60th birthdays in London with other stars of the screen, and others, like Giada De Laurentiis, have even won Emmy awards in recognition of their talents.

It all sounds pretty dreamy, right? But there's a downside of being in the spotlight, working all the time, and traveling the globe. Just ask Padma Lakshmi. Lakshmi is an extremely busy person. Not only is she host of Bravo's "Top Chef," but she also created and stars in her own foodie travel show, "Taste the Nation." But that's just her career. On top of all that, Lakshmi has to juggle the realities of everyday life, and she's also a mom. The star recently took to social media to speak frankly about the toll that her career can take on her mental health, and fans on Instagram (and even some fellow celebs) found it refreshing to hear someone with her platform being so honest about what their life is like.

Lakshmi's work is very tiring

One of the hardest parts of Padma Lakshmi's job? It's not necessarily the long days, or any one part of filming. Instead, it's the constant travel, and time spent away from family. "I'm thankful to do what I love," Lakshmi shared on Instagram, "but I've been on the road since my grandma died in February." She shared that it's the longest she's ever been away from her daughter Krishna, nicknamed Littlehands, and said, "I'm road weary. And lonely. And I miss my little girl." Fans and fellow celebs rushed to the comment section to share their love and admiration for Lakshmi.

"Thank you for the real! Thank you for being you," said Drew Barrymore. "I have pizza salad waiting for you after you have had ample time with Littlehands. Hurry home." Iron Chef Cat Cora sent a message of support, as did Mindy Kaling, and chef Art Smith (who has appeared on "Top Chef" and also worked on the menu of the Italian restaurant Lady Gaga's family owns, per Gothamist) shared, "I understand, I am traveling, it's terrible!" So far, Lakshmi's post has more than 35,000 likes, showing how much the vulnerable video resonated with fans and friends alike. Thankfully, she has a lot of support, and ended her video caption by saying, "Thank you to my crew for being my family away from home."