Redditors Have A Bone To Pick With The GBBO Finale Format

The feel-good comfort show, the "Great British Bake Off" has introduced viewers to new bakers, many of who develop a fan base even after their elimination. An arduous journey to win the cake stand, the finale episode has had the same format since the show's debut in 2010. Three finalists enter the tent one last time and create a final signature, showstopping bake. If not needing to quarantine that season, the finalists get to enjoy the dessert with their loved ones on a picnic outside while waiting for the judges to announce the winner. However, the season 12 finale caused fans to pick a bone with GBBO.

Season 12 was contentious for GBBO viewers who still want justice for the ultimate fan-favorite, Jürgen Krauss. While let go from the show too soon for many fans' liking, the popular contestant from Brighton didn't stay down for long and has made a name for himself in the baking world. Recently, he has even made a cake for one of the world's greatest orchestras, the London Philharmonic Orchestra (via Yahoo). 

A Reddit thread asked, "does anyone else agree that Season 12 should have had a 4-person finale?" Many responses from fans came to the consensus that the finale should've changed format. The motivation beyond this wanted change was eloquently summed up by a few commenters who simply stated "justice for Jürgen" in various degrees of excitement shown by all caps.

Some GBBO fans are on the fence

The Reddit thread sparked a variety of opinions. "I don't like the idea of a 4-person final every year, but all of the remaining contestants were so strong in their own way," one user wrote. While it would've been new for a GBBO finale to let an extra contestant go through, it wouldn't be out of the ballpark for the friendly competition show. In GBBO's history, there have been weeks where no contestant was let go during a strong week and two contestants were let go during a later episode. Happening this past season when Abdul and Rebs were forced to miss a week, and no contestant was let go during bread week. However, in the disastrous Mexican-themed GBBO week, two contestants were let go. Similar to the updated Season 12 finale the OP is lamenting over, it would've been four finalists with one winner.

The majority of Redditors seemed to be pro-Jürgen, although one shared, "I loved Jürgen, but dropping food on the ground then serving it to the judges anyways disappointed me in so many ways." Another pointed out that the semi-finals were rough for the fan-favorite baker and, "I don't think exceptions should be made to accommodate someone who had a bad week just because he's popular." Whether the GBBO finale's format should be changed or not, Season 12 was enough of a disaster to make some fans feel like it should be.