Here's Why GBBO Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Carole This Week

"Great British Baking Show" contestant Carole is hard to miss with her cotton candy-colored hair. Besides "GBBO", The 59-year-old from Dorset, U.K. has a radio segment devoted to gardening and goes by the name "Compost Carole." She found a love of baking after creating a birthday cake for her eldest granddaughter and learned that she enjoyed discovering new decorating techniques to continuously improve her craft. 

Talking about her strengths and weaknesses regarding the competition Carole said: "Definitely decorating the cake, especially using fondant, weakness is quite possibly patisserie!" per Radio Times. However, the 4th episode of GBBO's 13th season, which aired on Netflix Friday, October 7, 2022, revealed patisserie might not be her only dilemma. Titled "Mexican Week", the technical challenge in this episode asked contestants to make tacos from scratch. Carole seemed unfamiliar with Mexican food in general, wondering what some of the items on her instruction sheet were. Many of the contestants seemed a bit confused by the items on the instruction list, with some utterly perplexed at the sight of guacamole. Carole looked confused and pronounced it "guaci-mole-o" — which possibly doesn't bode well for her execution of the dish. However, it was her handling of the avocado for the guacamole portion of the challenge that caused Twitter to go a bit crazy.

Has Carole discovered a new avocado peeling technique?

Cupping the avocado in her left hand, Carole proceeded to slice the skin off with a knife as you might peel a potato, per Netflix. If you thought you'd been peeling an avocado wrong your entire life, you will be pleased to hear that Carole's technique is not standard among chefs. While the clip of Carole's avocado treatment only played for a second, it was enough for Twitter users to comment: "Carole peeling an avocado like a potato is such chaotic good," and, "is anyone else flabbergasted by Carole peeling an avocado with a knife?" Domino's Pizza UK also felt the need to comment on the platform with, "RIP Carole's avocado."

Unfortunately, Carole's lack of taco experience let her down and she came in last place with this technical challenge. GBBO judge Prue Leith described the contestant's contribution as "very thick, too small." Needless to say, Leith thought the effort was "not very good." However, the baker's performance in the other challenges of the episode was enough to keep her in the competition for at least another week, per Netflix.