The Celebrities Anne Burrell Wants To See Compete On Worst Cooks In America - Exclusive

If you've ever watched any seasons of "Worst Cooks in America," then you know what a good time that show is. Anne Burrell and her co-hosts bring together some of the most awful and helpless home cooks from around the country and seemingly try to impart some culinary knowledge to them — all while having them compete for $25,000. Honestly, there's only one thing that could be more entertaining than having some of the most terrible cooks out there face off in the kitchen with such high stakes, and that's when those terrible cooks happen to be famous people. Over seven seasons of "Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition," Burrell and co-host Jeff Mauro have seen celebs from Dave Coulier to Matthew Lawrence to Tonya Harding show off their (essentially nonexistent) kitchen prowess, cooking up a whole lot of laughs along the way.

"Whether there are more celebrity or regular — what we call 'civilian' — seasons, I don't care. I'm just happy to teach people how to cook," Burrell told Mashed in an exclusive interview. But we fully expect and hope to see more celebrity seasons in the future, and Burrell is more than willing to keep having fun in the kitchen. When we got the chance to catch up with the chef recently, we had to ask her for her "Worst Cooks" celebrity bucket list. During our conversation at the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival, Burrell revealed some of the celebrities she'd most like to see compete on "Worst Cooks in America."

Anne Burrell is always looking for a good time on the set

Anne Burrell isn't necessarily concerned with having the most horrendous celebrity cooks compete on "Worst Cooks in America" — nor is she gunning for the most promising of the amateurs to sweep the competition. At the end of the day, Burrell is there to have a good time, and when we asked her which celebrities she'd want to see on "Worst Cooks," her first thought was "Gosh, who would I like to hang out with?" She said the first person she'd love to have is "Amy Schumer," because "I would like to be friends with [her]." Unfortunately, as Burrell acknowledged, "She has a chef husband, so she doesn't need to be on my show." Plus, you can also watch Schumer learn how to cook on her own Food Network show.

Another celebrity Burrell would love to have compete on "Worst Cooks" is actress Jennifer Lawrence. While it's not clear whether Lawrence already knows her way around a kitchen, Burrell said, "She seems so kooky and fun, and she seems real, and I like that." Plus, it would bring some "Hunger Games" vibes to the competition, which seems fitting since, as Burrell put it, "I feel that going into every season of 'Worst Cooks.'"

Just for fun, Burrell also mentioned a celebrity chef she'd love to have on the show again — Robert Irvine. He and Burrell go way back, and while as a friend and a colleague, she says Irvine is "a good egg. He really is," that doesn't mean she's not down to throw down again. "I believe the last time he was on the show, he won. That puts us at a tie. If he ever wants to man up and come back and try it on again, welcome back."

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