Caribou Coffee Just Released Its Very Jolly Seasonal Menu

Now that the great pumpkin has gone back to the patch for another year, it's being replaced by sweet flavors that fill everyone with holiday cheer. As Cook Think explained, certain flavors seem to be abundant during the holiday season. From the peppermint seen in candy canes to the sweetness of eggnog, those flavors fill the plate and glass. Those themes are apparent in the 2022 Caribou Coffee holiday menu, and it might even make The Grinch feel a little more jolly this year.

While there are many large-scale coffeehouses across the United States, Caribou Coffee seeks to set itself apart through its mission of offering "an experience that makes the day better." While the holiday season is often filled with cheer, that sentiment is woven into Caribou's Chief Brand and Marketing Officer Erin Newkirk's comment about this year's holiday menu offering "new surprises and delights." 

Although the holiday season often has people craving familiar, comforting flavors, a twist on a classic favorite favorite adds a bit of sparkle to this year's lineup.

Caribou Coffee's seasonal menu blends favorite and new offerings

Arriving in stores November 3, the Caribou Coffee seasonal menu has one new offering and several returning favorites. The Egg Nog Cold Foam is available on the Ice Craft Press, and it can be used as a customization to other beverages, too. Given that eggnog is a popular holiday flavor, this cold foam brings a touch of holiday fun without overpowering the coffee's natural taste.

Returning Caribou holiday favorites include the Ho Ho Mint Mocha, Fa La Latte, Spicy Mocha, Maple Waffle Breakfast Sandwich, Ho Ho Mint Cake Pop, and Gingerbread. These holiday beverages were enjoyed in 2021 and received a warm reception. From the heat from the ancho and chipotle peppers in the Spicy Mocha to the classic mint in the Ho Ho Mint Mocha, many people filled their cup over and over. For the egg nog fan, topping the Fa La Latte, which features steamed eggnog, with the Egg Nog Cold Foam, might be the hit of the holiday season.

Based on the comments on a November 3 Instagram post, many guests have already had their first sip and some hope that the holiday menu lasts until the end of the year. From simple joys to sweet sip, the holiday season is waiting to be savored and bring a little joy to even the chilliest of days.