Caribou Coffee Is Bringing Back These 3 Festive Drinks For 2021

Coffee chains have really decided to go big this holiday season, with Caribou Coffee bringing back three of its beloved seasonal classics for 2021. According to PR Newswire, this trio is made up of Ho Ho Mint Mocha, Fa La Latte, and Spicy Mocha. Each brings their own unique flavor to the chain coffee shop — Ho Ho Mint Mocha with its minty and chocolatey twist, Fa La Latte with its cinnamon eggnog taste, and Spicy Mocha with its perfectly balanced combination of sweet and spice. 

All can also be ordered in a hot, iced, or Nitro variation. No matter if you're enjoying this holiday season in a warm climate or in the snow, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the festive spirit by ordering yourself one of these special drinks. Unfortunately, Caribou Coffee doesn't have any Northeast or West Coast locations just yet, according to its website. So, if you live in one of these places, you might just have to stick with your favorite Starbucks order for now. 

Caribou Coffee's other winter specials

We also can't exclude talking about Caribou Coffee's other specials during this time of year. Gingerbread-anything is always super popular during the holidays. Just look at Starbucks' popular Gingerbread Latte and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Gingerbread Doll Cookie. Caribou Coffee has its own twist on this flavor, with its gingerbread cookie that customers can purchase to enjoy with their hot beverage.

Caribou Coffee also allowed its Maple Waffle Breakfast Sandwich to come back, which is basically the chain's take on chicken and waffles. Lastly, we can't ignore arguably the most exciting product that the chain has in its stores — its merchandise. If you're not the biggest coffee drinker, stop by a Caribou Coffee location to get Buffalo Plaid drinkware and flasks, or maybe an ornament for your Christmas tree. Or maybe pick up a bag of the chain's Reindeer Blend or Bold Northern Blend for that coffee lover in your life. 'Tis the season!