Caribou Coffee's Newly Launched Fall Lineup Is Every Pumpkin Lovers' Dream

When the weather starts to cool off in the fall, there are lots of activities people like to enjoy, from leaf-peeping to apple-picking. But for those who are more indoorsy, nothing hits the spot like a seasonal drink or snack from a cozy coffee shop. However, not everyone wants to celebrate autumn with yet another Pumpkin Spice Latte, a fall staple these days.

Pumpkin can be used in many different ways, and other flavors can conjure the essence of fall, like apples, cinnamon, and maple. This autumn, there's one chain that's maximizing pumpkin in its beverage menu, so those suffering from pumpkin latte fatigue will have something else to choose from. And, lest they be forgotten, apple and maple both make an appearance on the menu, too. We're talking about Caribou Coffee, the Minnesota-based coffee chain that's expanded to more than 700 locations worldwide. The chain started serving up its fall menu on August 25.

Caribou Coffee's pumpkin and apple drinks are back

So, what can customers expect from Caribou Coffee this fall? The chain does have a pumpkin latte on its fall menu, which became available on August 25, but it's also offering a few different ways for customers to get their pumpkin fix. In a press release, the chain announced that other autumnal pumpkin options include the Nitro Pumpkin Latte, made with nitro cold press coffee, milk, real pumpkin, and espresso whipped cream; the Pumpkin Caribou Cooler, a blended coffee and pumpkin drink; and the Pumpkin White Mocha, which is made with melted white chocolate and pumpkin. The chain is also debuting a Pumpkin Cake Pop this year.

For those that prefer other seasonal flavors, Cairbou is serving up the Apple Blast made with apple cider and caramel, a caffeinated version of the Apple Blast, and a Maple Waffle Breakfast Sandwich that's stuffed with chicken apple gouda sausage, eggs, and cheese. But how do the fall items taste? According to one person on Twitter, "their pumpkin mocha is the best pumpkin drink I ever drinked," while another said, "it makes a really nice treat on a cool day." The Caribou Coffee fall menu will be available "throughout the season," until it makes way for the holiday menu as winter inches closer.