Panera Bread Just Unveiled Their Holiday Cups For 2022

Christmas is perhaps one of the only holidays that extend beyond a single day. Indeed, there is an entire season dedicated to Christmastime and its fellow winter holidays, and when this season begins depends on who you ask. One safe bet that the holidays are in full swing is when your favorite fast fasual food brands start rolling out their celebratory packaging. This week, Panera Bread has released its seasonal coffee cups, according to a press release shared with Mashed, and they're quite different from last year's selection.

In 2021, Panera aimed to make the world laugh with its lineup of "ugly" holiday cups. The collaboration with TikTok star Emily Zugay, known for her humorous corporate logo redesigns delivered in a sarcastic monotone, was intended to help customers remember that "it's really what's on the inside of the cup that counts." These reusable cups featured hilarious designs, such as a misshapen gingerbread man and a blob-like reindeer. This year, the soup and sandwich chain switched things up to focus on a message of generosity. It is the holiday season, after all.

Panera is reminding customers that ''tis the season to give'

Panera Bread's freshly unveiled holiday cups are set to hit stores this week. They include festive mittens and presents and a sleeve that reads, "'Tis The Season to Give." The Panera-green design also promotes Panera's Unlimited Sip Club, a subscription program offering customers unlimited self-serve beverages for $10.99 per month. In another effort to prepare folks for the holidays, Panera is giving out $10 gift cards for every $50 gift card purchased, from now and until the year's end.

It's still mid-November, though, and Panera didn't completely forget about Thanksgiving time. According to its online menu, it has a seasonal vegetarian autumn squash soup complete with fall flavors like apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin seeds, plus a warm turkey chili with chickpeas and kidney beans. And if you act fast, you can still throw a Halloween treat in your cart: Served individually or as a pack of six, the chain's pumpkin cookie is made with shortbread and decorated with orange icing.