Panera Just Released Its Hilarious Take On The Holiday Cup Trend

Festive holiday cups designed to hold Peppermint Mochas and Gingerbread Lattes in style have become a time-honored tradition for big brands like Starbucks and McDonald's. In fact, fans are so passionate about these Christmastime offerings that both of the companies have faced scandals solely revolving around their seasonal cups.

This year, sandwich and soup specialist Panera Bread is hoping to blow all of the competition's holiday cups out of the water with the help of an internet-famous friend. The chain announced that it has partnered with TikToker Emily Zugay — who has built a large following for her comical redesigns of the logos of major brands, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Apple (via TikTok) — for the upcoming holiday season, to create a line of truly one-of-a-kind cups for all of your seasonal sipping.

After her deadpan TikTok design videos went viral, numerous brands reached out to Zugay via social media, requesting to have their logos redesigned by the self-proclaimed graphic designer (via In The Know). A number of brands also proceeded to change their profile photos to Zugay's humorous logos as an homage to the trend. Now, Zugay has taken on the ultimate festive design assignment, creating a series of satirical holiday cup designs for the fast casual food chain.

Zugay's satirical holiday cups will be available for free

"While other coffee brands focus on designing beautiful and intricate holiday packaging, Panera wants you to know it's what is on the inside that counts — their premium and delicious coffee," the brand shared in a press release about the humorous holiday cups.

The four unique cup designs include a light pink Panera cup printed with Christmas lights and the words "ho-ho-ho(t) yummy coffee," a dark pink cup adorned with a rainbow "RAINDEER" and the names of each of Santa's furry companions, a blue and white cup with the words "SNOW FLAKES" over a sketch of a snowflake, and a bright green cup featuring a number of snow globes and the instructions: "spot the difference in EACH snow globe."

Panera fans will be able to snag a set of the farcical cups for free via the Panera Ugly Holiday Cups website for a limited time. While the limited-edition cups will be available from December 2 through December 6, if Zugay's 2 million plus TikTok followers are any indication, we'd recommend snagging them early.