Here's What Happened To Nuchas After Shark Tank

For businesses on the rise, "Shark Tank" can be a great way to raise money. Each episode, entrepreneurs pitch ideas and products to a team of investors, or "sharks," in an attempt to fund their businesses and gain a valuable partner. The idea is to strike a deal, of course, but even the businesses that walk away empty-handed see benefits from exposure. According to American Express, Kunal Sarda and Ryan Frankel's translation app, VerbalizeIt, hopped on a popularity wave after the show aired. "All of a sudden, eight to 10 million people know who you are. Our app sales went up seven times after the show, and the sheer number of customers who were calling us was amazing," Sarda said. The pair also landed a deal with Kevin O'Leary for $250,000.

In Season 10, the owner of Nuchas dove in, hoping to become one of the best food products on "Shark Tank" but according to Shark Tank Recap, he wasn't quite as lucky.

Nuchas began in a Times Square kiosk

When Nuchas' owner Ariel Barbouth presented in front of "Shark Tank" investors, he was hoping for $2 million in exchange for 8% of his company, per Shark Tank Recap. He revealed the business had made $5 million in sales in the current year, with $3 million coming from third-party partnerships and another $800,000 from a kiosk in Times Square. Though he said he would net $700,000 for the current year, he claimed that he could triple that number if the company sold $12 million as expected.

The product itself was a remake of a classic empanada. According to Nuchas, Barbouth and his wife had the idea for the business after moving to America from Argentina in 2009. Their goal was to transform a simple empanada recipe into a convenient gourmet good. From there, they quickly opened a manufacturing facility and sold to many stores and airlines. It's clear the company's footing was well in place, but not enough for the sharks to take a bite.

Business continues to boom for Nuchas

Unfortunately, Ariel Barbouth's dreams of gaining a shark on his team fell short. According to Shark Tank Recap, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner dropped out first without making an offer. Daymond John agreed to make a deal, though he asked for 25% equity instead of the 8% Barbouth proposed. Barbara Corcoran also made an offer, but she wanted 100% of the companies' retail portion. In the end, Barbouth's need to hold on to more equity resulted in no deal.

However, Nuchas has continued to succeed, and even thrive in the following years. The company makes about $4 million per year, and according to Nuchas, the goods are now being sold in New York's Jacob Javits Center and Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center. Today, the brand allows online orders with nationwide shipping. Those interested can choose from a wide range of empanada flavors as well as vegan and vegetarian options. A six pack currently goes for $34.60.