Gordon Ramsay Feels 'Sick' After A TikToker's Turkey Injection Fail

Even though Thanksgiving has passed, that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy a turkey feast. Still figuring out what to do with all that poultry? Based on a Mashed survey, 52% of people think leftover turkey is best enjoyed in a sandwich. (If you've even gotten tired of leftover sandwiches, you might find some fresh inspiration in these recipes that'll put your Thanksgiving leftovers to use.)

If you're already gearing up for next year's big meal, Gordon Ramsay has shared his secret to a perfect turkey. Of course, Ramsay has also been pretty clear about what he doesn't like when it comes to cooking turkeys. For example, last year, the "Hell's Kitchen" firebrand called one TikTok chef's Turducken attempt a "mess," and TikTok cracked up at his response to the creatively stuffed bird.

Recently, Ramsay reacted to another turkey dish on TikTok. In the original video, @chefcuso (whose bio reads "NOT a chef, just a dude in his backyard") spatchcocks a turkey and injects the bird with a maple bourbon butter, then seasons the outside and grills the full bird. In his TikTok duet, Ramsay criticized @chefcuso's method for making a juicy turkey, but it doesn't look like other people agree with his criticism.

TikTok disagrees with Ramsay's turkey verdict

In his TikTok reaction video, Gordon Ramsay expresses his distaste for the injection technique, saying that he dislikes the sounds the syringe makes. While watching @chefcuso, Ramsay claims that the turkey will be dry and raw. He remarks on the dish, saying, "What a muppet." 

If you thought that maple bourbon butter would make a tasty turkey, you're not alone. In the comment section of Ramsay's duet, TikTok users didn't seem to agree with his opinion of the turkey preparation. One person wrote, "Actually looks really good and juicy. Did we watch the same thing??" 

The turkey also doesn't look undercooked, and several commenters pointed this out. "​​Rare Gordon L can't admit he was wrong when he guessed it'd be raw but it wasn't," one person wrote. Other people poked some fun at Ramsay in the comments section: "Gordon doesn't know what he's talking about anymore. Anyone see his grilled cheese video?" Last year, people criticized a video of Ramsay cooking a grilled cheese sandwich, and of course, he had the perfect response to the grilled cheese roasts.  

In @chefcuso's TikTok, people came to the defense of the dish — the top comment reads, "yummmmmmm, Gordon Ramsay doesn't know what he's missing." Will you add this to your list of turkey cooking techniques? Alternatively, if this is all too much to think about, there are plenty of other foods you can serve for Thanksgiving besides turkey.