Gordon Ramsay Had The Perfect Response To A TikToker Roasting His Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If there's one thing that Gordon Ramsay is more famous for than his cooking, it's his fiery temper. On shows like "Hell's Kitchen," he's cursed out chefs more times than you can count, engaging in screaming matches with contestants that have often ended in him throwing them out of the kitchen, recalls BabbleTop. He hasn't been much gentler on "MasterChef," either, and is never afraid to call out contestants who don't live up to his culinary standards, as evidenced on YouTube.

As you've surely surmised, Ramsay is usually the one doing the critiquing when it comes to food. But in a recent TikTok video, the tables were turned. Home cook @dishedit went viral when she playfully roasted Ramsay's grilled cheese recipe in a post captioned, "Don't hate me @gordonramsayofficial I'm just here to help!" According to her, there are many ways to make the Brit's take on the classic sandwich much, much better. Of course, there's no way Ramsay could neglect to respond — here's what he had to say in defense of his grilled cheese.

Ramsay had many excuses for his lackluster grilled cheese

TikTok user @dishedit's video begins with a view of the stretchy cheese pull on her version of the sandwich. "Hey, Gordon Ramsay, this is what melted cheese on a grilled cheese looks like — not whatever you call this," she says, cutting to a shot of Ramsay's non-melty grilled cheese from a year ago. He had used Asiago and Romano cheeses, "neither of which are known for melting." In his TikTok response to her video, Ramsay chimes in, "Oh hold on a minute, girl, I was in Tasmania! They don't have grills in Tasmania!" His defensiveness continues with, "OK, maybe I didn't put it in the pan long enough. I was in a rush."

For the duration of the video, Ramsay good-naturedly tosses in some snarky responses to his alleged grilled cheese mistakes. When @dishedit complains that Ramsay's addition of kimchi overpowered the cheese, he reacts, "Oh, come on, you don't like the kimchi either?!" But the adjustment that Ramsay is still unable to get behind is the TikToker's method of cooking her sandwich low and slow. "10 minutes on each side?!" he interjects. "That's 20 minutes for a grilled cheese!" In the end, however, Ramsay admits that the finished result does look quite good. Next time you want to make a grilled cheese, maybe you shouldn't listen to Gordon Ramsay's advice, for once.