Gordon Ramsay's Reaction To This Stuffed Turkey Has TikTok Cracking Up

Making a turducken is no easy feat, and, according to Virginia butcher Greg Herring, it's really not worth the trouble. Per Herring's article in The Washington Post, the idea behind a turducken is a piece of sausage inside of a chicken instead of a duck instead of a turkey (say that five times fast), sometimes with extra sausage sandwiched between the layers. Herring says for a myriad of reasons, including the different temps the different meats have to be cooked at, this "holiday roast is bound to disappoint." 

For an experienced and skilled butcher like Herring, it takes quite a bit of butcher's twine and about 45 minutes to assemble a turducken to make it look like a whole turkey, and this assembly is an art in itself. That's why when Bennie Kendrick of Kendrick BBQ posted his attempt on TikTok, even a scathing review of his performance from Gordon Ramsay could be construed as a backhanded compliment.

Kendrick captioned the turducken reassembly, "Turducken aka Frankenstein," giving a disclaimer in the audio as while sewing up the birds: "By no means am I a butcher, so this is nowhere near what a butcher would do if they would be tying this up. This is definitely amateur hour." Still, Kendrick provided tips, like ensuring you sew through both meat and skin to prevent tearing. However, that didn't prevent Ramsay from tearing into his performance. And as far as TikTok was concerned, the verbal roast did not disappoint.

Masterminding Turduckenstein

On his website, Bennie Kendrick states that his goals include not only continuing to learn his craft but also to "meet and learn from the best chefs." He certainly got that chance when Gordon Ramsay took to TikTok to critique Kendrick's turducken reassembly in a side-by-side video. Before Kendrick even inserts the needle into the birds, Ramsay wrinkles his forehead and says, "Oh dear. That looks a mess." 

"I've seen better work in Beverly Hills! Just off Rodeo Drive! Half the price!" Ramsay exclaimed about Bennie Kendrick's sewing skills. He ends the video with. "Kid! You've lost the plot!" Comments rained in on Ramsay's video, including "Lmaooo" and "I'm wheezing!" many with crying laughter emojis. However, in a humbling TikTok post, Kendrick was the first to admit that making this turducken was "a learning process, but I had to get that bite. That bite was killer."

In response to Ramsay's roast, Kendrick posted another TikTok in which he listens to Ramsay and looks defeated. Yet there's a slight smile and twinkle in his eye as if to say, "Yeah, I got Ramsay's attention." And that he did. Fans of the barbecuer chimed in to congratulate Kendrick, writing, "You're validated! This is a badge of honor on here!" and "you got a reply from Gordon Ramsay Amen you are truly blessed" and "I Wanna see a throwdown!" Despite being a total burn, Gordon Ramsay's video has 3.4 million videos, giving Kendrick plenty of exposure. Can't complain about that.