Cold Stone Debuted 2 New Winter Flavors With Snickerdoodle Caboodle And Frozen Hot Chocolate

The holiday season is upon us, and that means more and more companies are beginning to announce exclusive holiday items and holiday deals. For example, Krispy Kreme announced two new festive latte flavorsChipotle has exclusive holiday mystery boxesOlive Garden released fun and festive holiday-themed pajamas, and Dairy Queen added candy cane and sugar cookie blizzards to its menu. Popular ice cream parlor chain Cold Stone Creamery is no exception.

Cold Stone Creamery is known for its unique seasonal flavors with generous mix-ins and toppings. For Halloween, the ice cream chain had a special Boo Batter ice cream flavor with festive orange waffle cones and waffle bowls, and for the autumn season, the chain featured its Pumpkin Bread Batter ice cream, Brown Sugar ice cream, and Pumpkin Bread Batter pie, per Cold Stone Creamery. Now, fans can indulge in two new ice cream flavors that are perfect for the winter season.

Fans are hyped for Cold Stone Creamery's special winter flavors

According to a press release from Cold Stone Creamery, the ice cream parlor chain is celebrating the arrival of the holiday season by introducing two new ice cream flavors to its lineup: Frozen Hot Chocolate and Snickerdoodle Cookie. Both of the new flavors of ice cream will be available until January 10, 2023, and can be ordered as part of a Signature Creation, with the Frozen Hot Chocolate ice cream flavor also being available as part of a special ice cream cake. 

The Cold Stone Creamery Signature Creation that features the new Snickerdoodle Cookie ice cream is called the Whole Snickerdoodle Caboodle and comes with cookie dough, cinnamon, sugar crystals, and caramel. The second new Creation is called Cookies 'n' Hot Cocoa and includes the new Frozen Hot Chocolate ice cream, mini marshmallows, Oreo cookies, and fudge. Cold Stone Creamery's new ice cream cake is called Hot Cocoa Avalanche and features the new Frozen Hot Chocolate ice cream and mini marshmallows layered between devil's food cake and topped with chocolate frosting and fudge ganache. 

Fans of Cold Stone Creamery showed their excitement on Instagram, where the chain also announced the new flavors. Two fans wrote, "Ooo snickerdoodle ice cream sounds good!" and "I'm definitely going to cold stone asap."