Olive Garden PJs Are About To Drop For The Holiday Season

Never-ending breadsticks indeed. Ditto for the soup and salad. Even if you can't eat at Olive Garden every day, now you can wear it every night – at least through the winter season. But that doesn't mean you have to douse yourself in soup or wear bread on your head – the popular chain is making a different kind of offer. All of Olive Garden's faves, including the lauded breadsticks, soup, salad, pasta dishes – even the Andes mints – are part of its latest promotion. The unusual part about the Italian restaurant's offer? You can't eat any of it.

As the old slogan famously went, "When you're here, you're family," so here's something the entire family can take part in without ever having to enter one of Olive Garden's 850-plus locations: wearing pajamas. A division of Darden Restaurants, the chain has not offered this product to patrons before. While a holiday theme could automatically render the sleepwear somewhat limited anyway, it becomes even more exclusive given that Olive Garden is selling limited quantities for a limited time, beginning on December 6.

Holiday takeout without the calories

Olive Garden, which spent about 14 years calling customers family before changing its slogan in 2012 (via CBS News), "is all about gathering with family to create memories, and there's no better time to do that than during the holiday season," said Jaime Bunker, the chain's senior vice president of marketing, in a statement. Bunker is talking about Olive Garden's limited-edition pajamas, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Want to snuggle up with a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs in cozy PJs by the fire with the fam? Winter's chill may have less effect if you are donning Olive Garden's hooded onesies: $35 for adults; $25 for children, plus shipping (while supplies last). Designs include illustrations of bowls filled with pasta, salad, soup, floating breadsticks, and after-dinner mints.

Rapper Post Malone - who wore his own, equally festive, non-Olive Garden pajamas when he introduced Jimmy Fallon to the chain's unlimited breadsticks, salad, and a "laundry basket full of butter" during a "Tonight Show" episode – definitely needs to hear about OG's colorful coziness. Beginning on December 6, Olive Garden will also have Instagram filters suitable for framing holiday photos.