KitKats Beat Candy Canes As Some States' Favorite Christmas Sweet In 2022

When seasonal items start to hit menus and grocery store shelves in the winter, you can usually expect some peppermint. For example, Baskin-Robbins' December Flavor of the Month is Peppermint Cocoa Shake, and one of the most popular holiday drinks at Starbucks is the Peppermint Mocha. If you've ever wondered why mint is associated with the holidays, you have candy canes to thank. Once candy canes became popular, mint became a part of Christmas celebrations.

Aside from eating them on your own, you can use candy canes to level up your lattes, and you can also sprinkle crushed-up candy canes to top off desserts. But while candy canes may have been a major part of the holiday season, their popularity might be falling.

Chocolate is also a big-time holiday sweet, and Food and Wine posted each state's top three Christmas candies. Chocolate candies often made the list, and Candy Store did a survey to figure out what Christmas candy each state loves. In addition to surveying 16,000 people, Candy Store also reached out to candy manufacturers and distributors to discover what each state's beloved holiday candies are. Here's what Candy Store found out.

Here are the states that prefer Kit Kats over candy canes for Christmas

According to Candy Store, there are two states which have Kit Kats as their number one Christmas candy: Massachusetts and Oklahoma. This is the first time any state has had Kit Kats as the most popular Christmas candy. The website explains that both states actually had candy canes as the top holiday candy last year, so this is a pretty big switch.

Generally, Candy Store reports that this is part of a larger trend of candy canes decreasing in popularity, and similarly, the popularity of peppermint bark is also falling. Candy canes were the top candy in New York and New Hampshire last year, where now, Snickers and M&Ms respectively are the Christmas fan favorites.

Regardless of your state's favorite Christmas candy, we think that Kit Kats would make a great stocking stuffer, and if you're really leaning into the seasonal theme, Hershey's even has a gingerbread-flavored Kit Kat available for purchase. But if you're not ready to let go of all things peppermint this season, whip up a batch of peppermint bark to enjoy mint and chocolate in one bit.