The Foolproof Technique For Creamy Guacamole Every Time

As any fan of guacamole will tell you, all guacamole is not created equal. And it's not just chunky versus smooth; it's the wide variation in recipes. From a unique guacamole recipe to the premium added cost of chipotle's guacamole in your burrito bowl to the kind you'll find at your local taco bell, the varieties are endless. So technically, what is guacamole?

According to Twisted Taco, guacamole is simply "mashed, raw avocados mixed with other ingredients to taste." With such a broad definition, it becomes clear why there is such variance among recipes. The dish's origins date back to the 16th century in Central America's Aztec Empire. Soon, Spaniards got wind of the dish and started adding their twist. However, avocados aren't indigenous to Spain, so it was typically found in Mexico, where avocados were much easier to grow. And just like some people prefer the crunch of peanut butter while others prefer it smooth, the same applies to guacamole. But how can you achieve the perfect creamy guacamole?

The unlikely element for creamy guacamole

If you prefer a smooth, creamier take on guacamole, Food and Wine has a hack that is sure to please your taste buds. Specifically, they reveal one ingredient that comes in and makes this approach to creamy guacamole foolproof. What's the secret ingredient? Mayonnaise. Yes, the same element responsible for creamy tuna salad, creamy chicken salad, and creamy mac & cheese is also able to bring that smoothness to guacamole as well.

Although many common mistakes are made when making guacamole, this recipe keeps it simple and effective. Start by smoothing out the avocado in a serving dish by mashing it like a potato. Next, add salt, pepper, cilantro, lime juice, and the star ingredient: mayonnaise. Finally, drizzle some olive oil, grab your favorite tortilla chips, and enjoy your creation. If you're not planning to devour it immediately, use plastic wrap to cover the guacamole, and don't add the olive oil until you're ready to serve it. This guacamole is best when consumed within 24 hours.