The Internet Is Devastated Over The Discontinuation Of Ronzoni's Pastina

Today we have another stark reminder to appreciate the little things in our lives, to not take anything for granted. Just a few months ago, we were forced to say goodbye to the beloved ice cream novelty treat, Choco Taco. Now Ronzoni drops the devastating news that the pantry staple, Pastina, has been discontinued too. How much more are we expected to endure?

While some dealt with the news by writing eulogies, others quickly reference Twinkies' resurrection in 2013 and Taco Bell's Mexican pizza stunt of 2020, wondering if this was another PR stunt to drum up sales, per The Week. According to Business Insider, when Taco Bell brought back the popular Mexican pizza after only six months of being discontinued, franchises across the nation began selling out of the pizza, some selling as many as one thousand pizzas in a single day, and the company saw record-high sales, seven times what was expected.

Pastina is one of the hundreds of pasta shapes, each engineered with a particular sauce in mind. According to Eataly, Pastina, orzo, acini pepe, and anellini are in the small pasta shape category. They are served primarily in soups and broths so that the tiny shape can be scooped up with a spoon; however, many toss the pasta with butter for delicious comfort food. Here's what we know about Ronzoni's decision and what it means for future generations of Pastina eaters.

Pastina, comfort in a bowl

On January 4, 2023, Ronzoni announced via Instagram that the company, effective immediately, is discontinuing its popular five-point star-shaped pasta, Pastina. According to the post, Ronzoni's longtime manufacturer informed the company they no longer make the tiny shape. Although Ronzoni tried to find a suitable alternative in line with their standards, the company was unsuccessful.

Devastating responses from Pastina fans were swift on all media outlets, including Twitter and TikTok. "Nooooooo!!!! Pastina is my whole family's comfort food! Got a cold? Cook Pastina. Tummy troubles? Pastina. Heartbreak? Job issues? Just feeling blah? Pastina! It is the cozy, comfy food equivalent of a warm fire and a big blanket with a favorite book on a rainy day. How could they just rip that away from people?"

Thousands of people have signed petitions through and, urging Ronzoni to reconsider while sharing personal stories about the pasta. One petitioner calls Pastina "Italian penicillin" since, like chicken soup, Pastina has been served to generations of sick children to speed recovery. Another petition entry from Las Vegas shared Pastina was their, their children's, and their grandchildren's first solid food. They questioned what their recently born great-grandchild will eat when he gets sick now (per Today). Before we all give in to our grief, Ronzoni has said they won't give up looking for a replacement, and their competitor Barilla makes Pastina, too. With no sign of discontinuing the pasta shape any time soon, there is light at the end of the tunnel.