11 Best Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Products Ranked

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Grocery store shoppers in the U.S. have a wealth of products to choose from, but few food options are as consistently well-loved as peanut butter. According to the South Florida Reporter, U.S. consumers eat approximately three pounds of peanut butter per person yearly, equating to a staggering 700 million pounds total. 

This classic spread is available in crunchy or smooth varieties, both of which have loyal fan bases. As the National Peanut Board explains, peanut butter first appeared in the U.S. in 1904 and quickly gained popularity as a convenient protein source for troops in both world wars. Peanut butter now accounts for roughly 50% of peanut consumption and generates nearly a billion dollars in annual sales. 

Today, peanut butter products line the shelves of every major supermarket, including Trader Joe's. This national grocery chain is renowned for its friendly customer service and unique private-label products. Of course, the supermarket's ever-changing product lineup includes various peanut butter-based items. Trader Joe's fans can get their peanut butter fix in the form of crunchy snacks, candy, cookies, spreads, and more. The best of these products feature high-quality ingredients and a rich peanut butter taste blended with complementary flavors. 

11. Crispy crunchy peanut butter cookies

Roasted peanuts and peanut butter are two of the ingredients in Trader Joe's crispy crunchy peanut butter cookies. They give the small, round cookies a rich flavor that peanut butter fans are sure to love. Like many of the brand's signature snacks, this product is relatively affordable and has a refreshingly short ingredient list. 

However, fans of soft cookies may not enjoy these because of their crunchy consistency. Several Reddit users compared their texture to pecan sandies or rough and ready cookies, both of which are dry and crisp. Nevertheless, most people in the thread agreed that the flavor of the cookies is worth the dry texture.

Reviewers on other sites mostly concur with this assessment, noting that the cookies would be perfect if they had a softer texture. Still, a review from What's Good At Trader Joe's? points out that although the cookies are incredibly crunchy, their intense flavor is delicious, and the price point is low enough to warrant a taste. The review describes them as peanut butter-forward with a good balance of savory and sugary notes and chunks of peanuts. Consumers who prefer a chewier consistency can enjoy the cookies with a glass of milk to soften them.

10. Chewy chocolate & peanut butter protein bars

Protein bars are a quick, convenient snack that is easy to find at most grocery stores. Many people use these bars as post-workout snacks or as breakfast on the go on busy mornings. For Trader Joe's shoppers, the brand's chewy chocolate & peanut butter protein bars are an excellent choice, offering a respectable protein content and soft chewy texture. In addition, these cereal-style bars have a solid layer of chocolate on the bottom and a chocolate drizzle on top, making them an indulgent treat. 

Reviews on Amazon are mostly positive, and customers highlight the portability and price as some of the best aspects of this product. One Reddit user also recommends these bars because of their appropriate balance of carbohydrates and protein. However, the most important element of any snack is, of course, the taste. 

Two reviewers on YouTube conducted a taste test and were pleased with the rich peanut butter flavor. Both taste testers enjoyed the protein bar's texture but found it to be a bit grainy. This consistency issue is common in many protein bars, however, so consumers will likely find this product comparable to similar offerings. Still, the YouTube reviewers were willing to eat the bars a second time and believed they would make an excellent on-the-go snack.

9. Crispy peanut butter filled milk chocolate peanuts

Chocolate and peanut butter is a classic duo, and Trader Joe's has offered many private-label products devoted to this pairing over the years. For example, the brand's crispy peanut butter filled milk chocolate peanuts combine smooth milk chocolate with salted peanut butter and a touch of crunch. The bite-size candies are shaped like peanuts and come in a small resealable pouch. Their crunchy consistency makes them a unique hybrid of peanut butter cups and crispy rice candy bars. 

What's Good At Trader Joe's? gave these candies a score of 6.5/10, noting that the chocolate exterior is rich and pleasantly sweet, and the peanut butter filling has a great flavor. However, the reviewer felt that the price could be more reasonable since the package is very small. 

In a Reddit thread devoted to this product, several users rave about the flavor and excellent balance of chocolate and peanut butter. Reviewers also note that these candies are less sweet than similar products and have an enjoyable crispy texture. Some also jokingly describe a serving size as an entire package. For consumers looking for a new favorite peanut butter candy, this product is worth trying.

8. Organic peanut butter crunchy and unsalted

Although peanut butter-inspired products are delicious, few can truly match the flavor of the original spread. Many Trader Joe's customers enjoy the brand's organic crunchy unsalted peanut butter, which has a satisfying texture and only one ingredient: organic Valencia peanuts. 

The peanut butter comes in a one-pound jar and carries a certified organic seal. Since it is free of sugar and salt, it's an excellent option for consumers who love pure unadulterated peanut butter. Like most natural peanut butter, consumers should stir this product before use to ensure the perfect consistency.

Unfortunately, the Trader Joe's website doesn't currently feature this product, so stores will likely not have it in stock. Thankfully, fans can still find it on Amazon, where reviewers describe it as an excellent alternative to overly processed spreads. Many consumers enjoy the rich flavor and texture, but some feel it is slightly more expensive than expected. Overall, most Amazon customers would repurchase this product. 

Meanwhile, reviewers on Influenster have dubbed this product one of their favorite peanut butter brands, primarily because of its simplicity and flavor. Several users suggest adding it to both sweet and savory recipes and recommend buying it in bulk.

7. Peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets

Some snacks become so beloved that they earn their own cult following. For example, the peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets from Trader Joe's have been popular with customers since their release. This fan-favorite combines salty pretzels with a smooth peanut butter filling at a reasonable price. Filled pretzels aren't a new concept, but this Trader Joe's rendition is particularly worthwhile for peanut butter lovers. 

As a Trader Joe's reviewer explains, these bite-sized treats are an excellent value because a one-pound bag costs less than $3. The reviewer also notes that these pretzels are hard to stop eating, thanks to the pleasantly crunchy outer texture that complements the soft filling.

This product also has scores of positive reviews across social media. For example, one YouTube user scored the snack 9/10, calling it "dangerous" due to its deliciously balanced, salty flavor. Multiple users on Abillion agree and comment that these must-buy pretzels are hard to put down. Furthermore, Abillion users happily note that this product is "accidentally vegan" because the pretzels do not contain any malt. However, they contain palm oil, which some vegans prefer to avoid eating.

6. Creamy salted peanut butter

Consumers love Trader Joe's because of its wide assortment of all-natural products, including its classic creamy salted peanut butter, which contains two simple ingredients: unblanched dry-roasted peanuts and a perfect dose of salt. Unlike some natural peanut butter products, a 16-ounce jar of this Trader Joe's variety costs about the same as more heavily processed options. The brand sources its peanuts from Georgia, one of the major peanut producers in the United States. Due to oil separation, stirring before use is recommended.

The majority of Amazon reviews highly recommend this product to anyone who prefers natural peanut butter. Most love that it is free of sugar and suggest combining it with yogurt, adding it to ice cream, or using it to make a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some reviews recommend storing the product in the refrigerator to prevent oil separation. However, it also keeps well in a cupboard or pantry. 

One Trader Joe's customer enjoys this peanut butter enough to devote a Reddit thread to it, admitting that they often finish a jar in about a week. Several users responded to the original comment with their feedback, revealing that the consumption rate was not uncommon.

5. Peanut butter protein granola

Granola is an excellent option for breakfast or as a snack, and Trader Joe's has offered a wide variety over the years. The brand's peanut butter protein granola is a hit with granola lovers and peanut butter fans alike. The primary components are rolled oat clusters, peanuts, and peanut butter, which give it a lightly crunchy texture and delicious flavor. As a bonus, this granola also offers 11 grams of protein per serving. Like many granola products, this option can be enjoyed as-is or eaten with milk. The package is relatively small at just 12 ounces, but it is reasonably priced.

As with most popular Trader Joe's items, this product has fans across multiple platforms. For example, Amazon shoppers praise the granola's consistency and perfect balance of sweetness and salt. Reviews for this product are equally positive on Influenster, and people describe it as one of their favorite granola options to pair with plain yogurt. 

Multiple Reddit users have also expressed their love for this granola, mainly because it contains pea protein instead of other less desirable protein sources. One user suggests combining the granola with yogurt and strawberries, which would likely taste similar to peanut butter and jelly.

4. Bamba peanut snacks

Although Bamba peanut snacks may not look exciting at first glance, these crunchy treats pack an impressively delicious peanut butter flavor. According to the Trader Joe's website, this product is a best-seller in Israel and only contains four simple ingredients: grits, peanut butter, oil, and salt. 

As Shopping With Dave explains, Bamba peanut snacks look very similar to cheese puffs and have the same airy texture. The reviewer gave this product a perfect five-star rating for its excellent consistency, taste, and value. One comment compares the flavor to eating a spoonful of actual peanut butter. However, the reviewer noted that this product is sometimes hard to find, so customers may want to buy multiple packages when they do.

Since these snacks don't contain dairy or other animal products, they're also a favorite among people who observe a vegan diet. For example, reviews on Abillion note that these snacks are similar to peanut butter cereal in terms of taste, and many users rave about the product's lightly crisp texture. Customers also appreciate the low price and generous portion size. In a Reddit thread about the best vegan snacks at Trader Joe's, one user recommended this product because of its pleasant flavor and low-calorie content.

3. Peanut butter caramel coated popcorn

Caramel popcorn is a classic sweet treat, but Trader Joe's offers a new twist with its peanut butter caramel coated popcorn. Although the caramel lends a generous sweetness, this is a decidedly peanut butter-forward snack. The unusual flavor is an excellent balance of sweet and salty, and the popcorn has a surprisingly crunchy texture under its coating. 

One Instagram user gave this product a score of 9/10, noting that it smells as good as it tastes. This fan also appreciated the product's short ingredient list and said they would repurchase it in the future. Several comments agree that this popcorn is worth trying for its strong peanut butter flavor.

Not only is this snack delicious, but it is an excellent choice for anyone on a vegan diet. According to VegNews, this popcorn was worthy of the title "Vegan Snack of the Week" at the time of its release. Vegan caramel-flavored products are relatively uncommon since traditional caramel sauce gets its smooth, rich texture from a combination of butter and cream. However, the popcorn coating relies on tapioca syrup for its caramel flavor and slightly thick consistency. NaVitalo explains that tapioca syrup is a great vegan replacement for sugar or honey and works well as a caramelizing agent in various recipes.

2. Chocolate & peanut butter Joe-Joe's

Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's is an ever-popular line of sandwich cookies that the brand has offered for years. Over the years, the line has included multiple varieties, including its gluten free Joe-Joe's chocolate vanilla creme cookies, as well as seasonal flavors. While most of them resemble a traditional sandwich cookie, the brand's chocolate & peanut butter Joe-Joe's includes something extra: a chocolate-drizzled peanut butter coating. Inside this decadent treat is a pair of traditional chocolate wafers with a smooth peanut butter filling. A serving size is a single cookie, but you may find it difficult to limit yourself to just one.

Unsurprisingly, these cookies are a big hit with peanut butter lovers. A consumer for Trader Joe's Reviews gave this product a five-star rating and called it their favorite Trader Joe's dessert. The reviewer highlighted the cookie's well-balanced consistency and was surprised by how quickly they finished an entire package. 

Reviewers on Reddit reacted similarly to this product, with one user admitting that they polished off two boxes in just three days and others saying they finished a box in a matter of hours. The thread's original poster compared these cookies to Nutter Butters or the beloved Girl Scout cookie Tagalongs in terms of the intense peanut butter flavor.

1. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups

Peanut butter cups are a common sight in many stores, and Trader Joe's put its spin on the classic candy with its dark chocolate peanut butter cups. The product's fans can't get enough of these simple but delicious candies, which have made multiple appearances on the retailer's annual customer choice awards list. They come in a generously sized one-pound package, are relatively inexpensive, and have an excellent ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. Since dark chocolate makes these peanut butter cups less sweet than traditional milk chocolate versions, they are a perfect choice for people who dislike overly sweet treats.

Mrs. Trader Joe's awarded these peanut butter cups a score of 10/10 and noted that they are tasty enough to eat a whole package in one sitting. Reviewers on Influenster agree, with many giving this candy a perfect five-star rating and naming it as one of their favorite snacks. Several reviews praise the thick, rich texture of the dark chocolate, and most fans agree that the peanut butter filling is equally excellent. 

Consumers generally agree these peanut butter cups are better than other leading brands and won't finish a Trader Joe's shopping trip without purchasing some. Most surprisingly, a handful of reviewers admit to not being big fans of peanut butter, yet still love these candies.