Trader Joe's Fans Are Sharing Their Favorite Recipes On Reddit

For many of us, winter is here and we're already in hibernation mode. It's cold, it's dreary, the days are short, and no one wants to go outside the house any more than they have to. That means it's time to hunker down inside and cook some of our favorite recipes. For those of us that are fans of Trader Joe's, we're in luck — as TimeOut details, not only are there plenty of Trader Joe's fan pages on social media pointing us toward the very best deals and products, but now Reddit users have contributed to a thread of some of their frequent favorites made with signature TJ's products, perfect for whipping on a snowy day, or really any day of the year.

One user recommended a pasta dish that they called their "go-to lazy meal" made from the store's frozen garlic cubes (which users point out are generally located near the produce section), Green Goddess seasoning, and Mediterranean herb feta crumbles, all mixed with spinach and olive oil before tossed in pasta. "It's my favorite 'I worked too much today but I want something delicious' meal," the user wrote. And that's just the start of this treasure trove of recipe ideas.

These hit Trader Joe's recipes aren't just for your average Joe

Trader Joe's shoppers are all about the bargains and the store's trademark items — and, as is apparent in this Reddit thread of unique meal ideas, they're not stingy when it comes to sharing the concoctions they've cooked up with their favorite TJ's ingredients. One user included a recipe centered around the store's cauliflower gnocchi and creamy tomato soup, stating they also add spinach and basil and drizzle with a balsamic glaze for a resulting dish that another user said "sounds divine!!" 

Another Redditor shared their creation made from buttered pasta topped with the brand's party-size mini meatballs mixed with cream of mushroom soup and sour cream. And yet someone else said they have a Trader Joe's-inspired "go to emergency dinner" consisting of the chain's frozen potstickers combined with their bag of vegetable stir fry. Looks like others have already caught on to the magic of this latter dish, as you can find a full recipe on The Kitchn. Now excuse us — we're headed to Trader Joe's to get the goods to make some of these favorite recipes our own!