Trader Joe's Fans Can't Get Enough Of Its Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

What's the best food duo since sliced bread and butter? Some might say peanut butter and jelly (possibly on sliced bread). But in the world of sweets, a lot of folks might agree that few things go together better than chocolate and peanut butter. A 2021 survey by found Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to be the most popular Halloween candy in America. And as of 2020, Reese's held the top spot among confectionery brands in the United States, with more than $2 billion in sales every year (via PennLive). 

What makes chocolate and peanut butter such a crave-worthy combo? According to Mic, there's a scientific explanation. "[Chocolate and peanuts are] complementary because they produce flavor through the Maillard reaction," Gregory Ziegler, a food science professor at Penn State University, explained in an interview, adding that the roasting/browning reaction produces "a unique pull to people."

While Reese's might be the most popular and best-known brand of chocolate nut butter cups, Trader Joe's also makes its own version of the creamy, cocoa-covered candies. And in a recent Reddit thread, Trader Joe's fans didn't shy away from sharing their opinions about the dark chocolate peanut butter cups found at the quirky grocery retailer.

People find these cups delicious

Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups have been a tried-and-true product at the grocery store for years now. They've appeared on numerous lists of the best products at Trader Joe's (including BuzzFeed's ranking of the best Trader Joe's desserts), and Today described them as "a richer take on the classic peanut butter cup from Reese's." 

While they might not be new, they're still highly talked-about, as proven by a recent post on Reddit. "I made the dangerous decision of buying the big box of the dark chocolate peanut butter cups. And I regret nothing," the original poster wrote. After all, love means never having to say you're sorry to the loved one you ate – when it comes to candy. One person in the thread claimed that the massive one-pound tub is in fact a single serving size.

The dark chocolate peanut butter cups were one of the runners-up for the most popular product overall in this year's Trader Joe's Customer Choice Awards, an honor that Redditors would agree with. "I actually swore the first time I tried these," one fan admitted. "I didn't expect them to be that good."