Ina Garten's Favorite Jarred Pasta Sauces Are Costco Must-Haves

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Although Ina Garten makes plenty of delicious food from scratch, longtime fans of hers will also know that she also endorses high-quality products that you can buy straight from the grocery store. For example, Garten always recommends buying puff pastry from the store because it's so time-consuming to make. Similarly, tomato sauce is another recipe that usually takes a couple of hours. While you can make a fast marinara sauce recipe in a time crunch, it's always a good idea to let your sauce simmer. Thankfully, Garten has a go-to jarred sauce that you can also keep in your pantry.

So when Garten buys pasta sauce, what brand does she choose? In an interview with TODAY in 2019, Garten shared her opinion on what sauces you can buy from stores, "Of course it's always good to make it yourself, but I find Rao's is fantastic, so store-bought's good, too." And the best part is that you can get Garten's favorite pasta sauce for a great price at your nearest Costco.

Costco customers can find Rao's alfredo and marinara sauces

According to an Instagram post from @costcodealsonline, Costco is now selling a two-pack of Rao's alfredo sauce for $11.79, though prices may vary across stores. Since the Sonoma alfredo sauce had Costco shoppers divided, this option from Rao's may satisfy more customers. If you prefer a classic tomato sauce, Rao's marinara sauce is also available in two-packs at Costco for around the same price. Hip2Keto noted that Costco has the best prices on Rao's, and currently at Target, one 24-ounce jar of the marinara sauce costs $7.39.

Although an endorsement from Ina Garten is basically all the seal of approval we need, we tested several jarred pasta sauces ourselves. We found that Rao's was easily the tastiest option and had to agree with Garten's assessment of the brand. Want more pasta advice from Garten? If you want a hearty meal without too much prep, Ina Garten's perfect weeknight pasta is super simple, and all you need is broccoli rabe, pancetta, cheese, and pasta shells.