Avocado Is The Baking Ingredient To Stop Sleeping On

So, you love avocados? That's great! Avocados are nutritious and full of the good kind of fat, fiber, vitamin E, and more (via Healthline). And let's not start with their versatility. You can smash avocado over your toast every morning, top it with a fried egg or sea salt, and call it a hearty breakfast. You can add it to your salad or sandwich for lunch, mash it with lime to make guac for a party, or even drink it in your daily banana smoothie. And just when we think we can't get enough, we discover another wonderful recipe that utilizes avocados.

But wait, it doesn't stop there: You can use avocado for baking. We are not talking about the viral TikTok Filipino dessert that is basically avocado and milk. We are talking about peeling avocado, mashing it, and adding it to your cake, muffins, cookies, or even cupcake frosting recipe, as Popsugar suggests. If you are still sleeping on it, we can help: What's a classic creamy ingredient that most baking recipes need? Yup. Hold that thought ... and leave it. Try avocado instead.

Use avocado as a substitute for butter

Surprised to find out about an avocado hack you never heard of before? We are right there with you. Avocado is a type of fat, just like butter, and as Delish notes, it's just as creamy and soft, which makes it perfect for baking. Of course, avocados needs to be mashed, which might alter the color a bit. The magazine thisNZlife says that using avocados helps achieve chewier desserts with more moisture and fewer chances to crumble because avocados have a lot of water due to their good fat content. You don't need to worry that it might alter a dessert flavor, as Houston Press explains avocados are mostly mild, so it's easy to make them sweet.

You might be wondering about another reason to use avocado besides when you run out of butter. Well, vegans might be happy to read about a fat option for their vegan desserts, especially with avocados and all of their nutritional benefits (via Bob's Red Mill). Also, if you have an avocado hanging in your kitchen that is almost ripe, one use is to make a cake with it. But above all, avocados can help achieve healthier and lower-calorie desserts, according to Avoseedo. Aren't you curious to try avocados in desserts? We might be in front of a sweet revolution right here.