The Best Chocolate Gifts For Your Sweet Tooth In 2023

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There may be no food on the planet that makes a better gift than chocolate. What other confection comes in varieties ranging from dollar store sweets to bars that cost hundreds of dollars? There's a treat for every taste and budget, whether it's elegant temptations from high-end chocolatiers like Godiva and Lindt or simple indulgences from tried and true confectioners Hershey's and Ghirardelli. No matter how ubiquitous it may be, chocolate never seems to lose its sheen as a cherished gift to give and receive.

While such diverse creations provide a vast array to choose from, it also makes picking out the perfect present a bit of a challenge. Do you go dark and sophisticated to impress your special someone or stick to the milky-sweet end of the spectrum? Does expensive chocolate top the cheaper stuff when it comes to quality and enjoyability? 

To help you out, we've chosen a selection of the best chocolate gifts on the market. From playful M&M's printed with portraits and personalized messages to gourmet cheesecakes delivering a triple-whammy of fudgy goodness, there's a chocolate gift for everyone on your list.

Best chocolate assortment: Harry & David chest of chocolates

A box of Harry & David pears may be a festive seasonal staple, but the company also offers a stash of tempting chocolate gifts. Its chest of chocolates is a unique delight, presenting a vintage-style suitcase filled to the brim with gourmet goodies. The chest includes a dozen truffles with flavors such as raspberry and coffee, along with Moose Munch chocolate-coated popcorn, a Moose Munch bar, dipped pretzels, malted milk balls, and chocolate-covered mints. 

It's a diverse selection that appeals to a range of tastes, making this a fantastic gift for families to share ... if sharing chocolate is even something to consider! Harry & David has a reputation for providing high-end food gifts customers rave about. Fans rate the chest of chocolates with 4.9 out of 5 stars across more than 300 reviews on the company website.

Purchase a chest of chocolates from Harry & David's, priced at $79.99 for the regular set and $109.99 for the deluxe set as of January 2023. You can also find sets that include a bottle of wine if you want to complete the gift with an extra treat.

Best personalized chocolates: personalizable M&M's gift jar with customized packaging

If your special occasion calls for customized chocolate, M&M's has you covered. The beloved candy enjoyed for generations provides personalized versions of its store-bought confections. They're available in 20 colors and come packaged in a lidded glass tumbler that proudly displays the celebratory treats inside. Choose from four unique lid designs and add customized graphics and messages to create keepsake packaging for the chocolate lover in your life. 

These whimsical, bespoke chocolates make a great option when shopping for birthday, wedding, and anniversary gifts, or simply to show that special someone you're thinking of them. Despite the possibility of creating a one-of-a-kind chocolate gift, personalized M&M's have a few limitations. Customers can choose up to four custom images and messages printed in up to three colors per order. M&M's are smaller than bite-sized, so printing is limited to two lines of text with nine characters per line, and images of trademarked logos or brands are not allowed.

Purchase a personalizable M&M's gift jar with customized packaging for $34.99 from the company website as of January 2023.

Best white chocolate: See's Candies Polar Bear Paws

Lovers of a lighter chocolate experience will find the adorable Polar Bear Paws by See's Candies to be a decadence worth indulging in. Mounds of peanuts captured in rich caramel are coated in white chocolate for a novel twist on a classic combination, similar to Turtles or a milk chocolate peanut cluster. Each one-pound box includes 20 paws packaged in the iconic See's box, a beacon of quality that's made chocolate fans happy for decades. And unlike their real-life counterparts, these paws don't hibernate for the winter, which means they can be enjoyed year-round!

While diehard chocolate aficionados may not consider white chocolate to be real chocolate, the inclusion of cocoa butter without cocoa solids makes white chocolate a close cousin with its own loveable personality and storied history. Unlike other candy companies that might use non-chocolate white candy melts rather than real white chocolate, See's shares its Polar Bear Paws ingredients on its corporate website to ensure customers know the white chocolate is authentic.

Purchase 1-pound boxes of Polar Bear Paws priced at $32.99 as of January 2023 from See's Candies for the white chocolate fanatic in your life.

Best brownies: Fairytale Brownies Magic Morsels

Whether in their chewier or cakier form, brownies are a fudgy dessert that uses chocolate to its maximum potential. For a gift that brownie lovers will cherish, Fairytale Brownies provides Magic Morsel sampler sets filled with a decadent selection of its best creations. Considering the numerous mistakes people make when baking brownies at home, you can rest assured that Fairytale Brownies has you covered thanks to its fine ingredients and baking talent. There's a lot to live up to when your web address is!

A near-five-star review average from more than 500 reviewers on the corporate website speaks to the quality of a chocolate gift from Fairytale Brownies. A small set includes 12 individually wrapped bite-sized brownies, featuring caramel, brownie swirl, chocolate chip, walnut, cream cheese, and original flavors. For the hardcore chocolate lovers on your list, you can order larger quantities of up to 96 mouthwatering morsels. Choose among packaging designed for birthdays, thank yous, and Valentine's Day, though the basic box is stylish enough for all occasions.

Purchase Magic Morsels from the Fairytale Brownies website, with prices starting at $31.95 for the dozen as of January 2023.

Best baked chocolate: David's triple chocolate cheesecake

No chocolate gift list is complete without a chocolate cheesecake in the mix. And no chocolate cheesecake is a better option than David's triple chocolate cheesecake by David's Cookies. While a standard cheesecake is a culinary wonder, the addition of chocolate in not one but three forms takes this delicious dessert into the stratosphere. For chocolate enthusiasts with a taste for something slightly more complex, a triple chocolate cheesecake from David's checks all the right boxes. The one-two-three chocolate punch comes from creamy chocolate cheesecake, a Devil's food cake crust, and a layer of melted milk chocolate spread on top. Talk about decadence!

According to the David's Cookies website, founder David Liederman opened his first shop in 1979, evolving into a mail-order company with additional desserts in the 1990s. Fresh, natural ingredients contribute to a level of quality that inspires rave reviews for the triple chocolate cheesecake, a treat for anyone who can't get enough chocolate in their lives.

Purchase David's triple chocolate cheesecake through Amazon, priced at $40.24 as of January 2023 for a 10-inch cake cut into 14 slices. 

Best chocolate cookies: Granny Bella's fresh delights

Chocolate chip cookies are a mainstay of any chocolate lover's diet, as a homey and welcome treat that dazzles and delights even in its simplest form. Though the origins of chocolate chip cookies may be a bit murky, they make a winning chocolate gift for those who prefer a more straightforward take on chocolate-based treats. With Granny Bella's fresh delights, you can give your chocolate fan a selection that includes chocolate chippers with zebra fudge and inside-out chocolate chip cookies for a festive trio of treats.

As Granny Bella explains on her website, the popularity of her baked goodies was destined to be shared with the world. Amazon shoppers seem to agree, rewarding these comforting cookies with a 4.1 out of 5-star rating across nearly 700 reviews. There's no better gift for people with a sweet tooth than a delicious assortment of chocolatey baked goods.

Purchase Granny Bella's fresh delights by the tin box on Amazon, priced at $36.99 as of January 2023.

Best artistic chocolates: Compartés 40 piece signature truffles gift box

When chocolate becomes the canvas for vibrant artful designs, the chocolate gift business enters a whole new level. An artisan producer like Compartés takes its delicious design skills to the max, making hand-crafted gems that gleam with bright colors and splashy patterns. The company consists of a small team that combines its chocolate skills and artistic vision to create one-of-a-kind candies that raise the bar. These sweets are definitely Instagram-worthy, and those who receive them as a gift may be reluctant to indulge.

You could attempt to make your own hand-painted candies as a special treat for your chocolate devotee's special occasion. An easier option would be to skip the homemade truffles in favor of guaranteed success by Compartés. The 40 piece signature truffles gift box offers an assortment of dazzling truffles nestled like an edible rainbow in a chic black box. It's a celebration of the confectionary heights chocolate can ascend when artists apply their talents to the candy trade.

Purchase the 40 piece signature truffles gift box from the Compartés website, priced at $98.95 as of January 2023.

Best Belgian chocolates: Piron chocolate gift box

If you're going to gift a box of Belgian chocolates, you might as well give them in a box that's made of chocolate too. Piron's chocolate gift box offers a perfect meta-reality for chocolate lovers who love their favorite candy enough to warrant edible packaging. The whimsy of a box fabricated from chocolate and filled with truffles and treats that are also made of chocolate becomes serious business in the hands of Belgian Chocolatier Piron, a company that has spent decades providing the Chicago area with fine Belgian chocolates.

Belgian chocolate is known for its high quality, which makes the prospect of boxing fine Belgian chocolates in a box made of Belgian chocolate double the gift-giving fun. For anyone who values presentation as a critical part of the chocolate-tasting experience, Piron takes great care in producing stunning designs and decorations for all its confections.

Choose among a selection of chocolate gift boxes from the Piron website, with prices ranging from $44.50 to $57.50 as of January 2023.

Best chocolate-covered strawberries: Godiva milk and dark dipped

The name Godiva conjures images of luxurious chocolates with a touch of decadence added to the blend. By enrobing plump, juicy strawberries in its delicious confections, Godiva has created an indulgence beyond the realm of the divine. Among the various creations offered by this top-tier chocolate company, the chocolate dipped strawberries sing a sugary siren song that few chocolate enthusiasts will be able to resist.

Something about the blend of tangy strawberry and Godiva's hallmark chocolate calls to mind the ultimate in luxury treats. Though often thought of as a Valentine's Day treat, chocolate-covered strawberries are a delicacy that can be enjoyed throughout the year at any occasion where a chocolate gift is called for — especially when the chocolate is Godiva.

Purchase Godiva milk and dark chocolate dipped strawberries from the Godiva website, priced at $80 per dozen and packaged with panache in a classic golden gift box. Per the FAQ section on the company website, these strawberries should be eaten within 24 hours of receipt, so be sure to order accordingly.

Best small batch bean-to-bar chocolate: Olive and Sinclair letterpress sampler

The fewer steps in the chocolate-making process, the better the chocolate will taste. Chocolatier Olive and Sinclair takes this idea to heart at its bean-to-bar chocolate shop. This artisan chocolate house located in Nashville, Tennessee, makes delicious and thoughtful confections using a special technique of slow-roasting and stone-grinding cacao beans. The result is chocolate with a unique flavor and texture that gains complexity from touches like bourbon-barrel aging to lend extra richness to the mix.

All of this fancy chocolate magic means that chocaholics with a deep sense of reverence for bean-to-bar confections will appreciate Olive & Sinclair's variety pack.  The heavenly collection of artisan chocolates is sweetened with brown cane sugar and flavored with exciting elements such as chili pepper and sea salt. These small-batch bars are a delicacy for anyone who appreciates a finer chocolate experience.

Purchase a 4-pack selection from the Olive and Sinclair site, priced at $32 for four 2.5-ounce bars, or opt for the 7-bar gift set for $56 as of January 2023.

Best bargain chocolate: Ferrero Rocher 48 count gift box

With their gleaming foil wrappers and tasteful jewel box presentation, Ferrero Rocher just might be the gold standard of elegant yet affordable chocolate gifts. This classy confection is made up of a Nutella center, a hazelnut and chocolate favorite that only adds to the Rocher appeal. Each sphere emerges from its golden wrapping to greet the world with chopped hazelnut imperfection, a quality that makes every piece unique.

While Ferrero Rocher also offers chocolate bars and signature chocolates on its corporate website, not to mention an ice cream version of its unmistakable blend, the distinctive bonbons seem to thrill chocolate enthusiasts the most. It's a fancy candy with a humble personality and a chocolate goodie that is as comfortable on grocery store shelves as it is in boutique displays. With a generous 48 gold-foiled pieces in the box, it's also a great way to say "thank you" to the recipient of such a thoughtful chocolate gift.

Purchase the Ferrero Rocher 48 count gift box from Amazon, priced at a very reasonable $17.96 as of January 2023.

Best liquor-infused chocolate: John Kelly 6 piece dark chocolate with bourbon

If there's one thing that can make chocolate even more desirable, it's the addition of liquor. Chocolate crafter John Kelly infuses chocolate with smoky Kentucky straight bourbon to add a heady layer of pleasure to the enjoyment. Business partners John and Kelly began their love affair with chocolate creation in 2004, starting with a gourmet fudge recipe and a store on Sunset Boulevard. Two decades later, the company is dedicated to its artisanal process of producing confections.

Liquor with chocolate isn't a new combination. As the Los Angeles Times reports, cacao beans may have been used to create alcohol before ever being turned into chocolate. In the hands of John Kelly, these luxurious ingredients merge into a chocolate gift with a stylish sensibility that makes these bourbon-filled candies feel like a superior offering in the world of chocolate.

Purchase John Kelly's 6 piece dark chocolate with bourbon from the company's website, packaged in an elegant slide-open box and priced at $29 as of January 2023. Shipping is only available to states that allow alcohol to be sent in the mail.

Best budget chocolate: Hershey's Nuggets

Sometimes, chocolate in its simplest form is the best way to gift chocolate. The Hershey Company is a  power player in the chocolate game and knows that an upgrade in packaging can go a long way in providing budget chocolate that's a bit more special. This is why a bag of Hershey's Nuggets makes it to our list of best chocolate gifts. While Hershey's journey to becoming a chocolate giant took some twists and turns, its undeniable presence in the world of candy means instant familiarity.

Hershey's chocolate has earned a mind-blowing 4.8 out of 5-star rating average among more than 17,000 Amazon reviews. That's quite an achievement, though not surprising for the leading chocolate manufacturer in 2021 ranked by market share, according to Statista. If budget is your main consideration when shopping for chocolate gifts, Hershey's Nuggets provide a tasty and affordable selection that includes a killer quartet of special dark, special dark with almonds, milk chocolate, and extra creamy milk chocolate with toffee and almonds flavors.

Purchase Hershey's Nuggets from Amazon, priced at $11.98 for a 31.5-ounce bag as of January 2023.

Best fair trade chocolate: Alter Eco dark and milk chocolate bars

As Fairtrade America details, chocolate has a troubled history when it comes to labor practices. This makes choosing fair trade chocolate gifts like Alter Eco chocolate bars an easy decision, especially if your recipient is a conscientious consumer. The company has spent years perfecting its fair trade practices, creating a model for responsible chocolate production, and even providing consumers with a sustainability report to make its efforts transparent.

Alter Eco's Blackout line of dark chocolate bars consists of all the elements vegan chocolate lovers will appreciate, not the least of which is rich flavor. Choose from classic, mint, and total Blackout to give your special someone an organic and fully vegan chocolate gift from a company that works hard to take care of the planet. For chocolate fiends who don't mind a little dairy in their confections, Alter Eco offers bars that use milk from grass-fed cows in the recipe, another way in which this company keeps production wholesome.

Purchase Alter Eco Blackout dark chocolate bars and milk chocolate bars in a variety of flavors, starting at $4.49 per bar as of January 2023.

Best quirky chocolate gift: giant Toblerone bar

Giant Toblerone bars may seem like a silly prop coveted by loveable doofus Joey Tribbiani in the popular '90s sitcom "Friends," but these enormous treats are no myth. The celebrated chocolatier offers oversized versions of its smaller bars, complete with breakaway triangle segments perfect for sharing — or not. You get nine pounds of chocolate in one oversized gift that will make the chocolate enthusiast in your life swoon. Not only will the Toblerone chocolate in the triangle prism-shaped packaging thrill them, but the eye-popping scale of it is sure to inspire smiles even before the box is opened.

In addition to providing more of the creamy Swiss chocolate and honey nougat filling that Toblerone fans around the world crave, the larger packaging makes it easier to identify the bear image hidden in the mountains on the Toblerone logo. This colossal confection enjoys an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 2,400 Amazon reviews, making it a giant in the candy world even in its smaller iterations.

Purchase a giant Toblerone bar from Amazon, priced at $99.98 as of January 2023.

Best vegan chocolate gift: Endangered Species dark chocolate bars

Vegans love chocolate too, and thanks to brands like Endangered Species, they can enjoy their favorite treat while remaining environmentally sensitive. According to Vegan Food and Living, the inclusion of milk powders takes many chocolate brands outside the boundaries of vegan-friendly eating. Luckily for plant-based chocolate eaters, Endangered Species provides a line of vegan chocolate bars that are both satisfying and entirely free of animal ingredients. To perform this confectionary magic trick, the bars all fall at the dark end of the chocolate meter.

While its 60% and 72% cocoa bars begin with a plain dark chocolate option, the collection heads into the realm of gourmet goodness with add-ins such as lemon and poppyseeds, blackberry and sage, and cherries with cinnamon and cayenne to tantalize those with more daring palates.

Purchase Endangered Species dark chocolate bars from Amazon, with prices starting at $35.88 for a box of 12 bars.

Best Swiss chocolate: Milkboy Swiss chocolate bars

Swiss chocolate sets a high standard for chocolate lovers, which makes these gourmet chocolate bars from Milkboy a prime choice for your chocolate gift shopping. Per its website, the brand's 100-year history informs its commitment to creating chocolate that highlights the heritage of Swiss chocolate as one of the best available.

With a five-bar collection of Milkboy's superior Swiss chocolate, you can give the gift of indulgence to a chocolate lover who knows the difference. Notable selections include Alpine milk with roasted almonds and white chocolate with bourbon vanilla, a creamy twist on the Swiss chocolate tradition. Dark chocolate fans can take pleasure in bars with coffee and mint add-ins for a treat worth savoring.

Purchase Milkboy Swiss chocolate bars from Amazon, priced at $24.99 for a five-bar collection as of January 2023. Choose from a milk and white or dark selection to satisfy your special chocolate fan's sweet tooth.