Pringles Recycled Last Year's Super Bowl Ad For 2023

The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event of the year. Millions gather to glue themselves to the screen to see the top teams battle it out for the trophy. 

During a regular season game, the commercial breaks provide a moment to refill your beverage or grab seconds for your plate. But Super Bowl commercials are must-see TV. So, imagine fans' disappointment when snack giant Pringles essentially recycled its idea from 2022 for its Super Bowl LVII ad. 

Viewers responded well to Pringles' tear-jerking Super Bowl 2022 commercial. But with its Super Bowl 2023 ad, the company didn't seem to capture the public's favor.

Lightning didn't strike twice for Pringles

Pringles' 2022 Super Bowl ad played on the shared experience of getting one's hand stuck inside a Pringles can. Watching people decide to live the rest of their lives with their hands in the cans was initially comedic but, by the end, heartwarming as fans watched the people's entire life cycles unfold (Pringles cans and all).

The popular snack brand continued its "Get Stuck In" campaign in 2023 with a Super Bowl LVII commercial that showed people of different professions with their arms stuck in Pringles cans. But in comparison to last year's commercial, the new 30-second ad spot just felt lazy and uninspired. 

Even a quick cameo from singer Meghan Trainor wasn't enough to help Pringles' 2023 Super Bowl ad stand out. Hopefully, the stackable chip brand will return next year with a new ad that, once you watch, you can't stop.