Meghan Trainor's Super Bowl 2023 Pringles Ad Is A Throwback

There are some people who watch the Super Bowl just for the football, sure. But then there's the rest of us, who get excited about the big game for one reason and one reason only: the commercials and snacks. Statista reports that 43% of Super Bowl viewers tune in to see the commercials, and an Advantage Solutions poll found that 48% of people who plan to buy special food and drinks for the big game will spend $51 to $100. Every year we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what must-try Super Bowl recipes we'll be serving to guests while tuning into the funny ads, be it classic Buffalo wings or something simple and store-bought, like potato chips.

And chip companies seem to know that they make one of the most popular game day foods out there (the most popular Super Bowl snack, in fact). This year, several companies have already made big announcements or given us sneak peeks into their Super Bowl offerings and commercials. PopCorners delighted fans with a Super Bowl 2023 ad treatment featuring "Breaking Bad," and Doritos teased its Super Bowl ad spokesperson for weeks, before finally announcing both Missy Elliott and Jack Harlow would star. 

Now, Pringles is getting in on the fun, with a new ad teaser starring Meghan Trainor, and if the premise feels a little familiar, you're not just imagining it.

Meghan Trainor is stuck on Pringles

Pringles released a teaser for their 2023 Super Bowl ad on YouTube, and it stars musician Meghan Trainor. In the teaser ad, Trainor can be seen in a high-rise building with floor-to-ceiling windows, standing in front of her phone and making a video to her song "Made You Look." She goes to reach for a snack — a chip from a tube of Cheddar Cheese Pringles — and her hand gets stuck. If you're having déjà vu, that's probably because last year's Pringles Super Bowl commercial featured the tale of a young party-goer getting his hand stuck in a tube of Pringles (a surprisingly common occurrence), only to live with it stuck to his hand for the rest of his life (thankfully less common). 

Trainor told People that when she found out she had been hired for the Pringles ad, "It was like I won a Grammy all over again." She added that when she told her football-loving family about the gig, "It was the best call of my life." In the full ad, Trainor can be seen with the Pringles can still stuck to her hand, which she uses to pet her dog. As the ad says, "it happens to the best of us," but luckily in real life, if you get your hand stuck in a Pringles can there are a number of ways you can get it off.