Viewers Are Relating To Pringles' 2022 Super Bowl Commercial

Pringles has been delivering saddle-shaped potato crisps to snack fans for decades — but many of these customers have long had a question: Why are the chips packed in such a tight canister? According to Delish, this storage component makes a world of difference for Pringles' freshness. Plus, the cans help the crisps remain unbroken and stacked in a neat tower, and the original cylindrical design even featured an airtight pop-top to make sure that the product would taste fresh each time it was opened.

While Pringles' packaging may keep the chips from getting stale, the design doesn't always make it easy to get the last chips at the bottom of the canister. Pringles tackled this very conundrum in its latest Super Bowl commercial, which focused on a party-goer who gets his hand stuck in a can of Pringles and can't get it off for the rest of his life (via YouTube). Fans across social media instantly fell in love with the ad, and many took to Twitter to share their take on the memorable game-day moment.

Many fans have experienced this common Pringles mishap

People had mixed feelings about Pringles' Super Bowl ad from 2021, but their sentiments about this year's tear-jerker of a commercial seemed overwhelmingly positive. On Twitter, game viewers couldn't get enough of the spot's relatable concept — because who hasn't nearly gotten their hand stuck inside of a Pringles can?  "If you think anything was better than the Pringles ad then you're bad at advertising," one user said. Another liked the concept so much, they said they wanted more than a 90-second commercial: "I'd prefer a show based on the guy with a pringles can stuck to his hand for eternity." One tweet summed it up best — "I can really relate to the Pringles can situation."

One Twitter user chimed in with the darkly humorous thought, "There's nothing wrong with the Pringles can, your hands are the problem. If they get stuck in one the doctors would rather lop off your hand rather than tarnish a pristine and glorious Pringles can." However, so many people have gotten their hands trapped inside of a Pringles can that some inventors have found ways to safely fish out the crisps without using your hands: According to Fab News, a Japanese firm invented a silicon dispenser to help the Pringles slide right out of the canister. Though the character in the Super Bowl commercial seemed to have a lovely life with a Pringles can for an arm, others may be comforted by the existence of this hands-free invention.