Popeyes Is Kicking Off Lent With The Shrimp Tackle Box And Flounder Sandwich

In the interim time between winter and spring, there is a slew of holidays that help get us through the cold and wet weather. Between Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in festive treats like chocolate-covered strawberries and Irish soda bread. For Christians and Catholics, Lent is an important holiday that may have an impact on food choices during the 40-day celebration. Those who observe the holiday refrain from eating "flesh meat" on Fridays during Lent, Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday. Luckily, veggies, fruit, and fish are still viable options on those observed days. Over the years, restaurants have taken Lent into account and offered an array of options for those who can't indulge in a hamburger or steak.

Fast food chains, in particular, have broadened their menus to include Lent-friendly options. McDonald's invented its Filet-O-Fish sandwich as a way to draw in Catholic customers during Lent when burger sales drastically dropped. Other fast food chains followed suit, with Carl's Jr. and Hardees introducing Lent-friendly sandwiches last year. Both sandwich offerings take hints from McDonald's in that the sandwiches are deep-fried and served with a tartar sauce and shredded lettuce. Not wanting to be left out of the fried fish offerings, Popeye's is re-releasing its Lent-friendly items.

Fish lovers, rejoice!

Popeyes is known for its delicious chicken sandwiches and fried chicken boxes, complete with mouth-watering biscuits and cajun fries. This year, in an effort to cater to customers observing Lent, Popeyes will bring back its Shrimp Tackle Box and flounder Fish Sandwich. Much like the classic chicken sandwich, the fish sandwich is available in regular or spicy, and is fried to a golden brown crisp. The fish is served on a buttery bun complete with pickles and a mayo-based sauce. The shrimp tackle box comes with eight crispy shrimp, one side, and a biscuit. 

Unlike last year's $5 Shrimp Tackle Box, this year's box will cost $7.99, unless it's ordered in the app or online, which brings the total down to $6. As a sort of consolation for the increased prices, Popeye's is celebrating Valentine's Day by offering BOGO on sandwich combos. Customers who place an order through the app or online for any sandwich combo can receive one free sandwich. The buy one, get one free deal is good through February 19, while the shrimp box and fish sandwich are only available for a "limited time."